The Hilltop Launch Asks: “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”

by Ben Fuller

Editor-in-chief, ’16, English

whereareyougoingHow’d you like the snow? Exciting, right? Well, you know what’s even more exciting? The Hilltop News is up and running for the 2014 calendar year, so expect great things these upcoming Spring and Fall semesters!

For all you potential writers out there, our theme for this spring’s special print issue is “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” Yes, exactly like that Joyce Carol Oates story you had to read! Let’s put this theme into perspective. Where could a passionate writer go if he was challenged with a theme like this? What does it even mean?

“Where Are You Going Where Have You Been?” means just what it sounds like. Consider where you were as a high school student or even a child. How does your past compare to your present? What achievements have you made, and how will these achievements help you out in an uncertain future? We all stress about what is to come, so, with this theme, reflect, and find comfort in what you’ve accomplished. If you’ve come this far, there’s no stopping you now, right? If you’ve done so much in the span of reaching adulthood, surely you can do just as much as you enter your career or graduate program.

But this theme doesn’t apply to just you. There are several people out there who’ve had a similar journey and now anticipate the future. This college and community are teeming with interesting people, just waiting for a talented reporter to come along and let their voices be heard. Consider speakers at CE events, professors, leaders in the community. But please do not feel you must limit yourself to people. Just look at all the special events coming up this semester: Quadrangle Formal, Vegas on the Hill, the various social, athletic, and Greek life activities to name just a few! Not to mention drama productions, travelling, and events in spiritual life. Participation in all of these activities, considering our past lives, all hold special meaning and all indicate where we’ll be heading in the future and what special memories we’ll have when we finally settle down into a career.

Speaking of careers, those are another great aspect of this theme. If you are looking at an exciting or unique job, have had a life-changing experience at an internship, or were inspired by a special program or person, do not hesitate to share. Even if it’s as simple as you or a team or club working on a special project or endeavor (an art piece, a musical composition, a drama production, a successful sports season) and it has grown significantly, there is a story in your hard work!  By sharing, you could very well inspire others!

Lastly, this theme could very well be driven back to its namesake. Practically all of us know Oates’s story (if you don’t, you should check it out!). If you are passionate in your beliefs and can write up a good opinion piece or even literary criticism, look to our old chums Connie and Arnold Friend. What do you think about Connie’s situation? How does it relate to our world? Did you have an epiphany when you read the story? Does it relate to you or someone in your life whose story is worth telling? Let us know!

As editor-in-chief for this calendar year, I sincerely hope you enjoy all the Hilltop has to offer these next two semesters. Be on the lookout for weekly online updates and do not hesitate to make your mark on campus and submit your contribution, for the print issue or otherwise! Please check out our submission guidelines at our website if you are in any way confused about how. Good luck this semester and happy reading!

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