The Hilltop Rises To New Heights This Fall

by Ben Fuller

Editor-in-chief, ’16, English

everythingthatrisesIt’s been a fun-filled summer of traveling, relaxing, and dumping ice water over one’s own head for a good cause. Now is the
 time for both students and the Hilltop News to rise out of summer and rocket headfirst into fall semester.

But watch out; when two things leap off the ground together, it’s inevitable they’ll collide!

Which brings us to the theme for this Fall semester’s special print issue: “Everything That Rises Must Converge.” This is not only a confusing title for a Flannery O’Connor story. It is also, in fact, a challenging, meaningful theme just waiting to be tackled by talented writers, photographers, editors, and illustrators.

With the anticipation of many new writers arriving to flex their journalistic muscles this semester, students and the Hilltop News will indeed be colliding as they rise this fall. But beyond that, the moments and experiences students capture should reflect the unexpectedly awesome outcome of two completely unrelated things unexpectedly joining together.

Alternately, we are interested in achievements that result from teamwork, the success that results from driven people coming together for a worthwhile purpose.

Rising and converging can be seen all across campus. Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon an exciting new opportunity—a
 graduate program, a career, a special trip, or a unique experience beyond any other.

Maybe you attended a life-changing Cultural Enrichment presentation that inspired you to follow a lifelong dream.

Maybe your team, club, fraternity, sorority, or Servant Scholar cohort helped the college or community at large, an amazing outcome that never would have been possible had some unique coming together not taken place.

Or just maybe one very influential person changed you so much you can’t fathom life outside of having met that person.

We encourage every potential writer out there to search for the two colliding factors that make a newsworthy event possible. Investigate. Discover. Write about those things people most care about on campus or in the community.

As editor-in-chief, I look forward to another great semester. We’ll continue to rise with frequent online updates. And with all the convergences of LaGrange College’s creative talent, we are sure to make an amazing print issue.

Good luck this semester and happy reading!

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