The Hilltop News Launches “Spring into Service”

By Emily Webb


Editor-in-Chief, ’17, English

unnamed (2)One of LaGrange College’s pillars is service, and the college is quick to promote service projects with Service Saturdays, the creation of the Servant Scholars, and service trips during Jan Term. But what does service really mean?  Is it volunteer work?  Is it helping someone else?  Service is a broad term, and it has different definitions and can be experienced in many ways.

The Hilltop News is promoting service this semester with its spring print issue, “Spring into Service.” There are many ways that students have experienced service.  Try reflecting on a service or mission trip.  Was it somewhere out of the country or within your own community?  What happened?  How did it influence you?  Did the experience change the way that you thought?

Or maybe, someone served you.  Perhaps you had a class that transformed your thoughts on leadership or maybe you had a teacher or a preacher who challenged your old mindset.

You may even prefer to write about someone else.  What experiences did a veteran you may know have serving our country?  What is it like to work for the Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity?  What inspired someone to start up their own service initiative?

In this issue, we’re exploring the different definitions of service. Don’t hesitate to share your own experiences or ideas. Send your questions or contributions by April 24 to Contribute to this special print issue, and let everyone know how service has influenced your life.  Have a great semester!



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