The Hilltop News Launches the Fall Special Issue Theme “The Network”

By Emily Webb

Editor-in-Chief, ’17, English

Scan_20150830 (2)

In 1976, the movie Network was released. The film, about a television network dealing with low ratings, ranked #64 on American Film Institute’s Greatest Movies of All Time list. It is from this film we received the classic line, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” a refrain that disaffected TV audiences shout from their windows into the streets.

In 2010, The Social Network about Mark Zuckerberg and the founding of Facebook, was released. The film received eight Oscar nominations and depicted a much different kind of network: one that delivers unimaginable wealth to a very few, while others are left lonely, broke, and resentful.

In just forty years, the meaning of “network” has shifted, changed, and become increasingly relevant to our lives. Networks are now companies, people, places, ecosystems, and skillsets. One thing has remained constant, however: networks connect us in various ways, and their consequences are unpredictable and fascinating.

This semester, the talented writers, artists, and photographers at The Hilltop News will set out to investigate how networks shape our realities. How do people use networks to help their causes? How do people cultivate good networking skills? What mistakes do people and/or networks make? How have networks –radio, television, or internet- changed our perspectives? How have new technologies and apps affected networking? How do we, as students, use networking in positive or negative ways?

We are always interested in any writer or artist who wants to contribute to this theme or to our website. This will be another fantastic semester for The Hilltop News.

Good luck this semester!

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