Fairy Tales Don’t Exist

Submitted Annoymously 

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The fairy tales we read tell us that you will know when you meet “the one,” and few of us are patient enough to wait for “the one.” However, out of fear of being alone, we start a relationship with someone who is completely wrong for us. Fairy tales don’t exist, and certainly don’t prepare you for love, in the real world. They don’t you that the boy you thought to be Prince Charming might decide to leave you, cheat on you, or stop loving you. Fairy tales don’t prepare you for the heartbreak that comes when your prince is chomping on a poison apple from some witch’s hand. They don’t tell you that your prince may really just a villain in disguise.

I have always liked bad boys. Their “I’m too cool for you” persona always intrigued my competitive spirit. It was like a challenge for me. If I could get them to like me, I felt that I had won. That only lasted for a little while because as soon as these bad boys got what they wanted, they were gone for good. I wanted these boys to be my prince, to make me feel worthy enough to be their princess, but I quickly learned that these boys were the villains in my fairytale.

Let me tell you about my love story. I thought I found my prince when I was young. It was magic, the pure bliss that apparently only comes along once in a lifetime which is why I was so reluctant to let that love go. When hard times came, we pressed on because we knew what we had was special. After a while, things weren’t so special anymore, and that first day that we spent together seemed so far in the past that we could no longer feel the splendor anymore. My love for him was wavering, and his love for me was diminishing. After a year of being together, we decided to part ways.

My prince was not the ideal prince, but that was what I loved about him in the beginning. I loved him because even though he was far from perfect, there was no one like him. There was no one who made me feel as safe as he did. I thought that there was no one who could make me feel so in love.

However, what I thought to be a fairy tale became a nightmare. I felt like he was the only thing I really needed, and then, he was no longer in my life. This was not how I had planned for my fairy tale to play out. I was confused and lost. I became lonely and then reckless. I was determined to find my true love or any love at all to replace the hole that I now had in my heart. It wasn’t until a few mistakes were made that I finally realized I was looking for love in all the wrong places and from all the wrong people.

While I was distracted with these bad guys, I missed many opportunities to find the right guy. Sometimes I wonder just how many princes I have missed out on because I was distracted by a villain who which lead me into a vicious cycle that did nothing but destroy my confidence and the hope that there actually is a prince out there for me. I had to change the way I looked for princes; going into a party and picking one out obviously wasn’t working. It was setting me farther back in the search for a real prince. I had to stop letting myself be intrigued by the bad boys. They were no longer fooling me.

Bad boys have no place in my fairy tale, and I hope not in yours either. The next time you are approached by a bad boy in disguise, remember, he’s no Prince Charming and he has no intention of being one. And if you have been the villain, just remember that the villains never win, and when the times comes for you to find a princess, you won’t be able to find one, because no girl wants to spend her life with a villain.

Fairy tales don’t exist, princes do. It’s time for the princesses to start giving those poison apples to the villains.  

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