Twelve LaGrange College Musicians to Rock the Plaza

By Jacob Robert Krzysiak


Every day from November 7th until the 9th, lunchtime on the Plaza of LaGrange College will be filled with musical acts for “Rock the Plaza,” a charity event for the Fender Music Foundation. The Fender Music Foundation supports and donates instruments to schools with underfunded performing arts budgets and contributes to programs that specialize in musical therapy.

According to the event’s coordinator, Coral Douglas, “All contributions raised will go directly to [the Fender Music Foundation] in an attempt to share music with anyone and everyone willing to learn.” Students can contribute by tipping the musicians. Cash and card will both be accepted at the event.

Performers will include Elyse Barnett, Trinton Prater, Abigail Young, and LaGrange High School’s Bryson Smith. Bryce Mixon and Alaina Magee will also be featured with their own timeslots.

People often say that music can express ideas and emotions very vividly and being in the LaGrange College’s music program has truly made me understand that.

– Coral Douglas

“Rock the Plaza” is the first student-organized music event on the Plaza and Douglas is excited that she and her fellow musicians can share their love of music with the rest of campus in an open environment. Some of the participating musicians have very little experience outside of their classrooms in the West Side Building across campus.

unnamed (1)
Rock The Plaza’s Event Coordinator, Coral Douglas (’20)

“This event will benefit both the performer and listener, giving the music students a chance to show LaGrange College students how talented and creative they are outside of West Side,” Douglas says.

Students can expect to hear “Say Their Names,” a piece written and performed by Bryson Smith and produced by Coral Douglas. “Say Their Names” is intended to start conversations about the sensitive topic of police brutality.

“We can start by just saying the names of victims,” says Smith, “and not pretend they did not exist.”

The performers and music professors are encouraging students to come out and support the local student body. The event is free to attend and crowd participation is encouraged.

“People often say that music can express ideas and emotions very vividly,” says Douglas, “and being in the LaGrange College’s music program has truly made me understand that.”

Jacob Kryzsiak, Contributing Writer, English, ’18

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