4-minute video dating using the Facebook demo app, Sparked

4-minute video dating using the Facebook demo app, Sparked

Facebook has created a new experimental app, Sparked, that allows its users to get four-minute appointments through video, which completely dispenses with the usual elements of this type of “app” such as personal files and direct messages.

Developed by Facebook’s new product testing team, NPE Team, Sparked offers a new video speed dating format, as explained by its creators, on their website, where users can actually try it out.

The new app eliminates many of the features most popular in existing dating “apps,” such as public profiles, swipe to accept or reject profiles and direct messages between users.

Instead, Sparked proposes a quick four-minute video dating process between its users, and if both people agree, then they can have a longer ten-minute video date, The Verge reports.

If users agree, Sparked does not offer any other forms of contact and suggests that people turn in to exchange contact information (social networks, messaging apps, or email).

The app can actually be used for free, although it is under testing, and it requires its users to register, which is something that can be done with a Facebook account. In some cases there is a waiting list and in others it is not available at this time.


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