5 Things To Do More With Your Promoters

5 Things To Do More With Your Promoters

People talk to people they know, like, and trust. Yet, they will refer to your brand only to people who can use it. Authentic promoters are people who are very, extremely likely to recommend your products or services to others. These include your biggest fans, such as the avid user, the collector and the power user, etc. We call them True Promoters.

Here are 5 things for sales promoters to do more with your promoters. Use these ideas to make every interaction a meaningful one.

Reach out to your promoters

At PPMS, we help launch and grow small businesses. Since our algorithms help us determine who is most likely to refer you, just by asking a few questions about each of your customers you can start building a list of promoters. Not only that, but it gives you the ability to reach out to them and say ‘thank you’ through one of your most powerful channels: social media.

Build relationships through your existing customers and prospects, leveraging social media conversations to not only keep prospects up-to-date on the latest from your brand but also connect with them on a deeper level through the use of hyperlocal, third-party data. By being authentic and unifying both online and in-store interactions, you will be able to truly delight your customers by providing solutions that solve their most pressing needs and challenges.

Provide a way for promoters to promote your brand

When we talk about customer feedback, we’re talking about promoters and detractors. Promoters are those customers who have had a positive experience that led them to refer to your business and positively affect other potential customers. Detractors are exactly the opposite: they’ve had a negative experience. According to the Temkin Group’s 2012 Benchmark of Customer Experience, 71% of customers who have had a positive brand experience will tell others, but only 10% of customers who’ve had a negative brand experience will do the same—a 90% difference in intent to spread organic brand awareness!

Ask promoters to participate in a case study

The Case Study is a feature article featuring an interview with a customer. A typical case study is between five hundred and one thousand words and has a customer’s photograph (not their name). The case study should focus on the company or individual, rather than the product.(Case studies are 800 to 1,000 words in length).

Give promoters exclusive access to limited edition products

Giving promoters early access to new products is an effective way to gauge interest and determine whether a new product is worth a wider roll out. Early promoters are likely to be your strongest advocates, leaving positive reviews and spreading the word about your product.  Promoters can be a valuable tool for quickly identifying underperforming products.

Feedback on new products from your promoters

As a sales promoter you have to Collect feedback from your promoters on new products from the first day so that they hit the market. Because of their increased interest in your brand, promoters will be able to provide critical and detailed insight into what’s to love (or not love) about your new product.

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