6pm News – USA: Replacing Presbyopic Glasses Coming Soon?

This is great news for all readers with Presbyopia. You can quickly discard your glasses because an American lab announces a treatment: Drops in the eyes to reduce symptoms. Leave your reading glasses for eye drops. The idea seems attractive and simple. Upon contact with the eye, these eye drops reduce the size of the pupil, which increases the distance the eye can focus.

This is the same principle as the lens of a camera. Also it is less aggressive than the laser functions that seek to act directly on the lens of the eye, the crystal lens. He is the one who, with less elasticity over time, causes these awkward charcoals.

Tests conducted on 750 participants show it The drops really help to get the eyesight sharp. But you still have to wait an hour after applying for maximum performance. Allergan Laboratory has requested marketing approval, which may be granted by the end of the year.

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