Alabama hurricane kills five

Authorities in several parts of the US state of Alabama have declared a state of emergency. This Thursday, March 25, Five people were killed, including three from the same family When a hurricane passes.

“I call on all the people in the path of this hurricane (…) Be vigilant“, Alabama Governor K. Ivy advised. On social networks, U.S. Internet users shared videos showing debris flying in the sky, with trees torn down and damaged homes.

Following the passing of a hurricane, Three members of the same family, “a wooden structure”, died In Ohio, northeastern Alabama. Another resident of the mobile home also lost his life in the natural disaster, said Pat Brown, a medical examiner in Calhoun County. Hurricane Wellington claimed another victim.

Residents were called to “immediate asylum” by emergency services in Calhoun County. For its part, the Calhoun Sheriff’s Office reported “significant damage” near Oahu and Wellington. According to the site, More than 35,000 homes in Alabama were without electricity until the afternoon. Officials have warned that bad weather will continue until the evening.

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