All About WatchCartoonOnline

All About WatchCartoonOnline

What is WatchCartoonOnline?

WatchCartoonOnline is an illegal website where the users can watch cartoons and anime and the contents are in the pirated forms. There are three websites of WatchCartoonOnline. These all are illegal websites that allow users to download and watch the content for free but I do not recommend these websites at all.

It falls under the clause of anti-piracy law, and according to this law copying and piracy of contents is a criminal offense.

It is banned in most of the Asian countries as well as in the USA but some people still watch cartoons on these illegal websites using different techniques. In 2021, these websites had more than 37 million users ,the US had half of the users, the UK had only 8% users, Canada had 7%, Germany had 2.3%, and India had a total crowd of 1.6%.

Why is it so famous among people?

It is famous among people because of it’s irresistible features:

1.They don’t need to sign in or sign up to watch their favorite cartoons and anime.

2.All their content is in HD, 340p-720p and without any hassle to give their users the best experience.

3.It has pirated content of all the famous cartoons, movies, and anime.

4.It gives their users an ad-free experience.

Why WatchCartoonOnline website Banned?

The websites of Watch Cartoon Online are banned because of the clause of anti-piracy laws that states that it is a criminal offence to pirate any entertainment content without permission and everyone should respect the laws. People should keep a distance from such websites because in some countries, if the government caught you watching on these websites then it’s a crime and they shall impose a fine. So all the cartoon lovers are suggested to avoid these types of websites.

Some Websites that are legal and will give you same user experience:

There are many websites which are good and will provide you with the same user experience as the features I have mentioned above.


It is one of the most popular alternatives of WatchCartoonOnline and it is very famous among people. It has a great user interface and it has a monthly traffic of 20 million and in the US it is one of the famous websites to watch anime in english and and it provides the subtitles also.


Anime show is also one of the most great alternatives to watch cartoons and anime on. It also has a great user-interface as it contains large titles and thumbnails for ear browsing of your favourite cartoons and anime. It has 11 million user traffic every month.

 3.Otaku stream

It’s is the best for streaming your favourite anime and cartoons online and it has 15 million monthly users from US, UK, Canada, Germany. It also has a intuitive user-interface



6.Television is the best to watch your favourite anime and cartoons.


It is also one the famous alternative of WatchCartoonOnline and it have a friendly user-interface and it have a 3 million monthly user traffic and it all is from US and Japan.

8.Cartoons On

Cartoons on is also the best choice to choose from because it also has a user-friendly interface and it has all its contents for free and it contains a library for easy browsing.










It is best to avoid WatchCartoonOnline websites, because everyone should respect their country’s laws and because of the consequences of watching on WatchCartoonOnline as discussed earlier. I have provided some best alternatives to stream your favourite cartoon and anime online.


We do not promote any of the illegal websites and respect the country’s laws and we strongly do not suggest use of such websites because if caught watching on these websites then it can have adverse effects.

Any action you take on illegal websites is solely your responsibility and for any damages or losses you will be responsible.

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