All news for compatible iPhones

All news for compatible iPhones

iOS 14.5 is now available for download and installation On supported iPhones. Apple has just released this version of the software that is compatible with the spring release, introducing many improvements, news, and changes. Among the most notable ones are iPhone unlocking with Face ID and a mask, app tracking transparency and choice of default music service.

Let’s see what it consists of All news of iOS 14.5.

Unlock with Apple Watch and iPhone Mask using Face ID

Since the pandemic began just over a year ago, iPhones with Face ID have been at a disadvantage compared to models that use Touch ID. By requiring the mask to be used in public placesFace Unlock does not recognize its owner’s face. This is why Apple has suggested a solution, although it is not universal.

It’s about unlocking with your Apple Watch, Which we can activate on the iPhone in Settings> Face ID & Icon> Unlock with Apple Watch. In this way, when the iPhone detects a mask on our face We can still unlock the iPhone without entering the codeAs long as we have an Apple Watch. The watch must be unlocked and within two meters.

There are some additional security restrictions. For example, when restarting the iPhone, we have to enter the code. If the hour is too far away, IPhone will also request a code next time. And if the iPhone is unlocked by the hour, we will see in it a button to lock it remotely if we wish.

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Choose the default music service in iOS 14.5


One of the most anticipated improvements in iOS 14.5 is the ability to choose the default music service. right Now, When we ask Siri to play some music And if we have many services flow, The therapist will ask us if we want to choose a specific one. It will present a confirmation to access your app’s data, after which it will always launch.

From now on, you no longer need to ask Siri to use a specific service, because You will always use the same. We will not find a button in the settings that allows us to choose one service or another. Of course, we will often be required to use the service again.

Transparency in application tracking

Transparency of applications d

With iOS 14.5, users will be able to do so Tracking control that some apps make us Across the web and other apps. From now on, those who want to use our data in this way, You must ask permission from the user The first time they open the app. It is a new permission that gives transparency to the process and decision-making power to the user.

If we later decide to change our mind, we can go to Settings> Privacy> Tracking. There we will see all applications They asked us for permission, in addition to his condition. We can choose to grant or cancel it at any time.

Support for AirTag and new Podcast subscriptions


IOS 14.5 also provides compatibility with AirTag is new, A beacon of the website that Apple recently unveiled. Now with this update, The search app integrates this device In order to determine the location of the objects to which it is attached. As well as third-party devices Network compatible search.

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With this update, the podcast creators It can include episodes or payment channels. This communication tool now offers three monetization models: free, Freemium (Episodes paid and free) and distinctive. What’s more, Podcasts are undergoing a slight redesign and now You are no longer subscribed to a program But you follow it.

Many new features in iOS 14.5


In addition to this great news, iOS 14.5 is the best for you Lots of small improvements. It’s hard to locate them all because Apple doesn’t usually list all of the changes. But these are the things we found:


  • Apple Maps will be provided Occupancy data Points of interest.
  • When the iPhone 12 was revealed and started to reach users, it was noticed that 5G had limitations. In the case of those who use Two SIM cards, They will not be limited to 4G. They will be able to use both operators with 5G if they support it.
  • Apple Music has lists created by city-With the most played songs and daily update.

  • New emoji like Burning Heart Or face dizzy. Others are modified like a syringe, which now shows a clear liquid instead of blood.
  • More console consoles: We can now use the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, as well as customize the controls according to the game.

  • The Magsafe wallet now creates a more pronounced tangible vibration.
  • There is a mention Apple battery with MagSafe For iPhone 12, but we still don’t know if it will be a reality.
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