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Amanda Miguel is one of the celebrities who has achieved success since she was young, since her debut more than three decades ago, and since then she has known how to maintain her current career, as she always conquers the audience with her vocal quality and talent. Composer and player. But undoubtedly one of the things she’s always known about is she a lookEspecially her prolific and long curly hair that she decided to cut and Now it looks completely different.

The artist of Argentine origin began studying music since her childhood, and entered the Alberto Williams Institute as a teenager, where she was a student of the famous teacher Liana Lacona, but her fame began when she met Diego Verdiger in 1975. He was already a famous singer-songwriter and upon hearing the voice of Amanda Miguel, he did not hesitate to invite her to participate as a backup singer in his shows.

In 1979, Diego Verdaguer and Amanda Meggie worked together on the album “Papá, When You’re Back”, which is the singer’s debut album that allowed her to enter the popularity lists not only in her country of origin, but also internationally.

Since then, Amanda Miguel has been wearing her long black hair, so it was a surprise now that she posted on her Instagram a few photos in which she was seen with a pixie cut and without dyes.

“I know seeing me without my traditional hair would be a shock to many, but at the start of the epidemic I decided to cut it off and let it grow from scratch with the color I already have naturally, what do you do think of?”He wrote to accompany the series of pictures in which he appears Look real.

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Within hours, Amanda Miguel’s Instagram post exceeded 12,000 likes and received more than 2,000 comments in which her followers expressed amazement at the drastic change in appearance, but most of them insisted that her beauty stands out without importing the haircut she chooses.

“I love him. You look fresh, modern, divine, more beautiful than ever.” “You look gorgeous, how beautiful you are,” “Your hair does not take away your talent,” “But how beautiful, completely divine,” “How beautiful you are, goes beyond Your beauty also physical appearance, “You look perfect as you decide”, “You look very beautiful with your natural hair” s “Simply beautiful”, Are some of the comments that can be read in the post.

This is her new look:

Changing Amanda Miguel’s appearance surprised her followers, because she did not mention that she wanted to change her hairstyle, and a few days ago she posted a video showing without makeup, and after a few seconds, she appeared in elegant clothes. And he still wears his signature poetry.

That same look that Amanda Miguel has used throughout her career and the proof is pictures of her youth as another person in which she appeared with Diego Verdaguer.

Her iconic look can also be seen in a live show here:

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