Amazon has opened its first hair salons in London

Amazon Salon is the company’s first hair salon in London (Amazon)

Amazon unveiled its first hair salon this week Located in London, England. The beauty salon will serve as a place to test technologies for Jeff Bezos’ company Magnified fact (AR) Y “Point & Learn”(I.e., learn with a pointer), for example, pointing products with a cell phone at a counter, and getting more information through videos or interacting with that content.

Barber shop Amazon Salon To Two sites It is located in the London area Spitalfields. Hair care and styling services will be provided Elena Lavagni, The owner of Neville Hair & Beauty, an independent salon based in London, the company says on its official blog.

“We want to take this unique space one step further for customers, and more It will be a place where you can collaborate with the industry and test new technologiesSaid John Boombri, Amazon’s UK manager. So, in this new tech beauty salon, customers can experiment with different virtual hair colors using tablets using AR technology. Fire (Company) At every styling station.

The show will also test new technology.Purpose and learnA display shelf will display on the display screen where people display a product of interest and related information, including brand videos and educational content.

The Amazon Salon is a two-story hair salon located in the Spitalfields area of ​​London.  (Amazon)
The Amazon Salon is a two-story hair salon located in the Spitalfields area of ​​London. (Amazon)

To order these products, customers can browse the relevant QR code on the shelf to view the web with details on and deliver directly to their home. It’s a hybrid experience because it’s a kind of ecommerce with balance, product interaction and first hand focus, but with Amazon’s logic.

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Store glasses, on the other hand, embed a company tablet that can also display a range of different shades using a front camera positioned in front of the customer in order to show people what they look like with a particular color of hair.

This beauty salon was initially open only to Amazon employees, Before it opens, by booking, to the general public in the coming weeks. The company says it has no plans to open other locations of this type of store.

The initiative, as pointed out by the company, is designed to support the professional beauty industry Amazon Professional Beauty Store A new store aimed at beauty companies in the UK, accessing and selecting over 10,000 products and products for hairdressers and spas.

Some of the innovations Amazon has made in stores, supermarkets and other physical retailers are the use of cashless tests, smart grocery stores and biometric systems. However, it is not yet clear how the company wants to grow in the beauty industry.

This type of initiative often serves as a testing ground for new technologies that the company wants to sell to other retail customers in the future, or implement in its own stores. This will allow you to gather data about customer experiences in relation to the developed reality. The company did not elaborate on what kind of data it would collect from the people attending the event.

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