America, Germany, Israel …: Corona virus epidemic in the world

As Israel is gradually being defined, the situation in Germany seems unstable.

LThe new corona virus infection has killed at least 2,299,637 people worldwide, with the WHO office in China announcing the outbreak in late December 2019, according to a report established by AFP at 11:00 GMT on Saturday from official sources.

More than 105,350,590 infections have been officially diagnosed since the outbreak, of which at least 64,157,800 are now considered cured.

These figures are based on daily reports from health officials in each country and exclude former post-corrections by statistical agencies such as Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

As of Friday, 14,561 new deaths and 493,140 new cases had been identified worldwide. With 3,475 new deaths, the United States, Mexico (1,368) and Brazil (1,239) are the countries with the highest number of new deaths in recent reports.

The United States has suffered the most

The United States is the most affected country in both deaths and cases, with 459,554 deaths out of 26,813,734 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University figures.

After the United States, the most affected countries are Brazil with 230,034 deaths and 9,447,165 cases, Mexico with 164,290 deaths (1,912,871 cases), India with 154,918 deaths (10,814,304 cases), and 111,264 people (3,911,573 cases).

Saturday at 11:00 GMT, Latin America and the Caribbean 613,669 deaths (19,410,779 cases), the United States and Canada 480,145 deaths (27,610,360 cases), Asia 243,755 deaths (15,422,319 cases), Europe a total of 34,351,837 cases 768,009. East 98,928 deaths (4,876,538 cases), Africa 94,186 deaths (3,646,981 cases), Oceania 945 deaths (31,778 cases).

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Since the onset of the epidemic, the number of tests performed has drastically increased and screening and tracking techniques have improved, leading to an increase in reported contaminants. However, the number of cases detected represents only a fraction of the actual total contamination, with the vast majority of less serious or asymptomatic cases still undiagnosed.

Germany: situation “far out of control”

The health situation in Germany is “out of control”, Robert Koch’s director warned, despite strict controls and variations on the corona virus.

Gradual restructuring in Israel

Locks in Israel for more than a month will be phased out from Sunday, but international flights have been suspended until February 20, the government said.


After several days of decline, the number of hospital admissions began to rise again. Between January 30 and February 5, an average of 124 people with SARS-Cove-2 were hospitalized each day in Belgium, indicating a 3% increase over the seven-day period. Earlier, the public health agency Cianzano released the figures Saturday morning.

Another indicator to follow the climbing curve – but, here, for several days: pollution. The average number of corona virus infections per day from January 27 to February 2 was 2,347, an increase of 4% over the previous week. The country is now 721,432 from mid-March, or 2,585 more than Friday morning results.

For the fourth day in a row, the number of Kovit-19 deaths has dropped by almost 20%. During the period from January 27 to February 2, the average was 40.7 per day, a decrease of 19% compared to the previous calculation period.

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Corona virus: “Le Sawyer” answers your questions about the vaccine

LThere are now three vaccines in Belgium to fight the corona virus: Pfizer / Bioendech, Moderna and Astrogeneka. The first phase of vaccination has already begun, especially in nursing homes and health professionals.

In March, people over the age of 65 will be vaccinated, at-risk patients and so-called “essential” functions. In June, anyone over the age of 18 who wants to be vaccinated can be vaccinated at a center.

During a special “vaccination” day, this Tuesday, February 9, journalists In the evening With the help of experts they will take stock of the vaccine in Belgium and around the world and answer any questions you may have.

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