America: Two parallel constitutions to the torn United States

Irrevocably, the United States of 50 now has two constitutions: the founding fathers and the progressive “Awareness”. To understand what is going on, we must begin with the analysis of the intellectual Christopher Caldwell, on the evolution of civil rights in the United States to date.

Christopher Caldwell, the great American intellectual who lived in Europe, studied the effects of Muslim immigration, especially on European culture.(1), Returned to his U.S. explorations to explore the origins of his country’s polarity.(2)

Photo by Christopher Caldwell: Hannah Assouline

The reforms of the 1960s, aimed at making the American nation beautiful and humane, have instead left many Americans alienated, hated and deceived – those who were ready to put Donald Trump as an adventurer in 2016 and 2020. One of the rare French intellectuals who studied Caldwell, Michael Tripalat, Has become accustomed to readers Conversation, Writes: ” The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its aftermath, especially the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968, did not only bring new rights to blacks. They created a great bureaucracy to implement them. American history has been thoroughly revisited in light of the racial question, and the US government has invested in shaping society around ideology, semi-religion, and anti-racism as never before. The white elites of the progressive Northeast, who voted in favor of civil rights, wanted to end secession for good.


« They could not have doubted that these obligations would lead to a rethinking of American society as a whole. Civil rights Human rights and human rights claims will reverse all of America’s founding values, including sex. Any unfortunate white person can see their career future ruined by comments that are not enough about race, gender and sex. This is what we call political correctness, the catastrophic consequences we know of on American campuses. ” Tripala continues.

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And Wind Black Lives Matter

The ridiculous idea of ​​taxing Google, Amazon, Apple, Twitter, etc. will be followed. They turn into determined monsters. ” In 1998, Amazon began destroying American bookstores. Google has been accumulating 90% of traffic since 2009. Only retirees can do without the Internet, and young people have an urgent need ”(Michael Tripalath). The technological elite, the new minorities, are “awake.” Generous patrons are financed by tax deductions by taxpayers. It doesn’t matter if the Silicon Valley millionaires have the “Black Lives Matter” mark on their lawns as the world’s richest. ” Since the founding of the Black Lives Matter (PLM) movement in the summer of 2013, the split created by the emergence of a hostile constitutional order has made the American way of life unpleasant, brutal and dangerous. », Canadian Conservative columnist William Brooks explains The Epoch Times. Awakened people see Joe Biden as the boss of a post-modern American “union” that imposes his progressive views on the corporate world. Already, many multinational corporations, including Disney, are refusing to fund future election campaigns of “traitors”, especially Republican senators Ted Cruz and Josh Howley, who dared to question the legitimacy of “Lider Maximo” Biden, based on allegations of “imaginary” fraud in the election of Grand Voters. . Alumni are demanding the dismissal of Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. Professor Alan Dershowitz is no longer welcome at his home university, Harvard. Any reference to Trump in your resume condemns you to a long trek through the desert. Purifications have begun.

« The Orwellian view that the pursuit of deep “diversity” by the skin is the best way to achieve national “unity” has become the focus of an aggressive radical movement to capture the Democrats. And it led to the development of an alternative. The US Constitution is often inconsistent. ”, Brooks concludes.

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The irreversible point?

From these two interpretations of the American Constitution emerge two states that cannot be fixed. One is still guided by the original constitution of 1788. The other is the “progressive” interpretation of the original text, which is defended by the consensus of the establishment’s politicians, the mainstream media, progressive intellectuals and the majority. The judiciary, up to the Supreme Court and its conservative majority is only on one face.

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William Brooks: Proponents of the post-1960s “living” constitution believe that those who wrote the 1788 constitution were racists and a threat to democracy. In the latest editorial for First things magazine, R.R. Reno explains that The surprising surrender of the Biden-Harris administration to the far left foreshadows the end of the Democratic Party’s role as the country’s ‘natural healer’. Looking at the deliberately humiliating turn in the Trump administration’s tradition on the first day of Biden’s presidency, it is clear that the establishment’s concessions to the far left are turning into complete surrender. By deploying 25,000 national guards for nearly a dozen participants in the nearly empty field, Democrats demonstrated their strength at Biden’s inauguration on January 20, and did not give credence to the intentions of the American left to evolve into a party with Rhino (Republicans in name only). The regulation of 11 million to more than 15 million Hispanic illegal immigrants and the abolition of the electoral system called for by Hillary Clinton could have kept the majority of Democrats in power for a long time.

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Washington, January 6, 2020 © Julio Cortes / AP / SIPA Feature #: AP22527680_000006

Washington, January 6, 2020 © Julio Cortes / AP / SIPA Feature #: AP22527680_000006

They are open to immigration and Democrats are eager to hunt down imaginary “national terrorists,” and all forms of violence and stupid Trumpist flaws must be monitored. While the center-right (Republican) and center-left (Democrats) have so far shared beds within Washington’s “marsh,” supporters of the “alternative constitution” now use popular Republican voters to use the phrase “deplorable” (Hillary Clinton’s during the 2016 presidential campaign. ). To William Brooks: “ The United States cannot be withdrawn on the basis of its ability to rediscover the same hope, wisdom, intelligence and courage that were called for in 1776 to create the greatest experiment in world constitutional democracy. Human History. »

[1] A revolution before our eyes. How Islam will transform France and Europe. Introduction by Michael Triplat (Editions to Toucan, 2011).

[2] Simon & Schuster, January 2020 (in English).

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