American sky burning with debris from the SpaceX rocket

Residents of northwestern America saw a light show Thursday night after the SpaceX rocket crashed as it returned to the atmosphere.

Some believed it was a meteor shower, the explanation being completely different. An interesting light show that burned the sky in the northwestern United States on Thursday night may have been caused by debris returning from the SpaceX rocket into the atmosphere, the National Meteorological Center said.

The Seattle National Meteorological Service tweeted that “the brightest objects widely reported in the sky are debris from the second phase of a Balkan 9 rocket”, and detailed information is expected to officially confirm the information.

Videos posted on social media show a dense cluster of bright spots and light traces moving slowly across the sky before dying, with some Netizens claiming the event was a meteor shower or, alien invasion.

“A rocket crashed into the atmosphere at 27,000 km / h”

According to Local media, The event was seen after 9:00 pm (Friday 04:00 GMT), and videos were released from Washington and Oregon, both located in the Northwest United States.

According to the Seattle National Weather Service, this may have been caused by space debris rather than meteorites, which move much faster.

“What people see is falling into the atmosphere at 27,000 km per hour and scattering from the heat generated at that speed. The fusible particles go away first, the dense particles survive longer, which gives the appearance that the luminous particles all go in the same direction,” said Jonathan Meghan of the Harvard Astrophysics Center. “This is a mistake, and usually this type of SpaceX rocket makes a disgusting flame,” said Jonathan McDowell.

No damage to the ground was reported

Desorption combustion is a spacecraft that slowly ignites the impulses of a spacecraft and begins its descent into the atmosphere.

“We know it’s going to crash yesterday or today, but we do not know when,” said Jonathan McDowell.

No damage has been reported so far, with the Seattle National Weather Service saying the event is unlikely to have an impact.

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