Analysis, price and specifications of the Galaxy A52 5G phone

Analysis, price and specifications of the Galaxy A52 5G phone

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Away from high-end flashes, where all brands are leaving their flagship shotguns, this is where phone makers have to beat the copper. Samsung is clear that its success will not depend on how good it is or not S21 Ultra, But in bringing attractive features to the mid-range. And we must be aware that the “A Series”, with the A52 5G on its head, has inherited more than something interesting from its older brothers.

Would that be enough to earn a significant place in this Crowded section? Here are our impressions after that try to The new A52 for a few weeks.

Continuing the streak of its latest phones, Samsung has opted for a discreet but colorful design. Although the finishes are made of plastic, the matte back gives it a more elegant touch, and at the same time prevents everything from being filled with fingerprints. Whenever you can, say yes to matte finishes and forget about ugly and oversized covers.

Weighing 189 grams, the A52 feels lightweight, but that doesn’t make it look like a “cheap” phone when we carry it close at hand. The overall finish and body give the phone a more premium air than the midrange range is used to.

Much of the blame for the latter is also due to the SuperAMOLED display that Samsung has included in its phone. With Full HD + resolution, 800 nits peak brightness, and a 120Hz refresh rate, everything looks really good about this.To the screen. Koreans have been making large panels for years, and they have successfully become a staple of their mid-range smartphones as well.

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Another strong point of the phone is its battery. We’ve already discussed it with the S21 Ultra: Samsung is getting to the right parts with battery management, because it’s getting easier and easier to spend extra hours outside of the phone. Despite having a 4,500mAh battery, it is very easy to get a day and a half of use. However, it has two small drawbacks that overshadow this section a bit.

The first is that it does not contain wireless charging. Well, it is not something that would be required of a mobile phone in this price range, but it would be nice if this feature began to normalize as it actually does. Has happened with others Such as the increase in the refresh rate on the screens. The second –More serious – Is that Samsung doesn’t include a charger in the box that takes advantage of the phone’s 25W fast charging, but it just delivers 15-watt charger inside. Well at least it is built to include one now that almost all manufacturers have decided not to do so, but will it cost too much to include a charger depending on the power of the phone? This is a really annoying detail.

To be honest, on the specs, the A52 has a hard time getting over some of the RivalsBut it doesn’t shorten either. Its processor is the Snapdragon 750G which, without being the best in its class, can execute all tasks fluently. And this as well It’s not as far away as it might sound in the department The player. 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage that we bring in in the model we test Good boxes, but they won’t let us, either With an open mouth.

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However, Samsung has decided to include a few additions to end up turning the scale on its side. For starters, it has two cool things forgotten in today’s phones: a microSD expansion card (although it’s a hybrid slot, so if you want to use two nano cardsSIM you won’t be able to take advantage of) and the 3.5mm jack. It has also added IP67 protection to water and dust, a feature we’ve never seen before in mid-range Samsung phones and that’s often missed when you don’t have it. Thanks to that, your phone will last up to 30 minutes submerged underwater at a depth of 1 meter, so it can withstand an unexpected dive.

When it comes to software, Samsung maintains the standard we’ve been used to in recent years. Previously this section was a tooth ache for Koreans, but One UI 3.1 is currently one of the most complete and functional Android customization layers.

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The camera app is really complete.
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The A52 camera set has its own lights and shadows. In total, the Samsung phone has 4 cameras on the back: a 64 MP main camera (with optical stabilization), a 12 MP wide camera, a 5 MP macro camera and a 5 MP TOF sensor (for this delightful bokeh).

Let’s start with the macro lens, which, like all macro cameras in this type of cell phone, lacks sufficient definition and focus to capture more than one or two photos. You will forget it in four days.

The main room is quite another issue. Obviously, it is a far cry from the results achieved with the “S” series phones, but it does include optical stabilization (OIS) and this is always worth appreciating. This will improve the focus and stabilization of your photos and videos. The dynamic range and definition offered at 64MP is more than good, although if you don’t want images that are over-saturated, you will have to keep an eye out for Samsung’s Scene Optimizer which is always activated by default.

The wide angle lens works as a good supplement as long as you have good lighting, but once you lose it, a lot of noise quickly appears in the photos.

Samsung’s camera app offers many different shooting options and settings, and it also comes with pre-made Snapchat filters. Which we can access from a tab called “Fun”.

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It makes sense to go for the A52 if you have other devices from the Samsung ecosystem.
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Not everything on the Galaxy A52 5G is perfect. Yes, there are some cell phones that outperform, and you’ll also have to leave A few euros more if you want a charger depending on the power of the phone, however RHe has many things to offer in his favor. They are between them UGreat screen, long battery life, and support Believesa With the purpose Few years And a more decent main camera. If you also have any other component of the Samsung ecosystem (Smart dayAnd the Galaxy Buds a Galaxy tab) saAnd theUnbelievably I knowa Your best choice in the mid-range.

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