Anthony Blingen confronts UN “deficiencies” on human rights

5:00 pm, February 23, 2021

US diplomat Anthony Blingen speaks before the UN Human Rights Council on Wednesday, an organization that Donald Trump ignored and whom Joe Biden considers too inactive today.

The head of US diplomacy addresses his colleagues on Wednesday via video conference for the 46th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which in 2018 boycotted the body for the first time from the United States under Donald Trump. The State Department recalls the return of the United States to this forum but only as an observer. This UN. The United States wants to show that the forum is too soft for some states like China and too aggressive for some like Israel.

“The United States must use all the tools of its diplomatic leadership around the table to address the Council’s shortcomings and ensure it is up to its challenges,” Anthony Blingen said on February 8.

Towards the “Summit of Democracies” organized by Biden?

This loyal lieutenant of Joe Biden on the world stage wants to remind the United Nations that four years after Trump took office, Washington will ensure that human rights are given more importance in its foreign policy. This is particularly embedded in the movement against Uyghurs, whether in Hong Kong or in Russia’s practices in countering its opposition, especially by Alexei Navalny.

The United States has announced sanctions against Burma, Russia and Belarus since January 20, indicating that it wants to show greater resilience against allied dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia or Turkey. However, this is the message conveyed by Anthony Blinken during his first contacts with the Foreign Ministers of Turkey, China and Saudi Arabia.

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According to his diplomatic advisers, Joe Biden’s plan to create and unite the “Summit of Democracies” by the end of this year is underway. It aims to coordinate the actions and reactions of the world’s major democratic forces in the face of liberal regimes. Its site is made up of G7 members and EU leaders, and can be joined by India, Australia and South Korea.

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