Apple AirTags: Price, Features, and Specifications

Apple AirTags: Price, Features, and Specifications

Finally, after months and months of rumors, Apple has officially introduced the AirTag. These mentions will help us find everything we pin on it, with an appearance that matches what we saw in the Jon Prosser leaks.

We are faced with a brand new product from Apple, Another extension to this section from Apple to continue seeing decent growth numbers. We already know the idea thanks to devices like Tile: Thanks to their small dimensions, you can fit them into objects like governor s Key chains. Of course, you can also include it BackpacksAnd the Handbags a Luggage.

Along with Apple AirTags, the company introduced it today The new iPad Pro With a MiniLED screen, 5GB and up to 16GB RAM, The new 24-inch iMac with the M1 s The new Apple TV 4K, Which launches the Siri Remote.

New AirTags: the perfect companion for the ignorant

Designed in stainless steel with IP67 certification and adopting low-consumption Bluetooth technology, AirTags have more efficiency and coverage for their location. Just as MacBooks already do, AirTags take advantage of Bluetooth emissions from other Apple devices, even if they’re not yours.

Completely anonymous, AirTags can Triangulate your site with other iPhones, iPads or Macs near you and get them delivered to their owner in the event of a loss. An interesting thing is that it supports Siri and has speakers so we can find the items that link to it. Powered by batteries, but thankfully, they can be exchanged for usury.

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Apple Airtags

This is how AirTags link to your iPhone.

AirTags can be customized with emojis, So that we can differentiate between the different units we have without getting involved. In addition, they have accessories to carry, for example, tucked into a bag, so they fit aesthetically wherever they are.

AirTags’ location is determined by the search app: The extension will appear as another device in the list of terminals that can be located. The only thing you will need is to install iOS 14.5 on your iPhone. Like AirPods, they are set up very easily on iPhone.

New Apple AirTags: Price and Availability


AirTags will launch worldwide on April 30th (with reservations on the web starting 23) at a price 35 euros. If you are interested in purchasing a lot, you can purchase a package of 5 units for 119 €.

It can be customized for free and there are free returns. If you’re interested in the AirTag Hermès keychain, Apple offers three models: the AirTag Hermès key chain from 349 euros, bag charms from 299 euros and luggage tag from 449 euros.

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