Approved Pfizer vaccine storage at freezer temperature

It is an alternative to current storage between -80ºC and -60ºC, thus facilitating its distribution.

The U.S. Pharmaceuticals Agency (FDA) on Thursday approved the Pfizer / Bioendech Coalition to store the Govit-19 vaccine at freezer temperature, which is higher than previously approved, making it easier to distribute.

FDA “Approves frozen and non-frozen dosages of Pfizer / Bioentech’s Govit-19 vaccine to be stored and stored for up to two weeks at normal temperatures normally used for drug freezers”., He said in a statement. “It is an alternative to storing liquids at very low temperatures.” Between -80ºC and -60ºC, he said.

Pfizer and Bioendech announced Friday that they had made the request to U.S. health officials. They said they provided data to prove it “Vaccine stability” When stored at -25 to -15 degrees Celsius, this is the typical medical freezer temperature. At the request of both companies, this period can be kept in a normal refrigerator (between +2 to +8 degrees) for five days.

“More flexible conditions of transport”

This permission is granted by the FDA “Important and allows sizes to be moved and stored in a more flexible environment”Peter Marx, director of the Agency for Biological Surveillance and Research, was quoted in the report. “This alternative temperature will help ease the burden of providing ultra-cold storage equipment at vaccination sites and will also help deliver vaccines to more sites.”, He added. Another vaccine based on Messenger RNA technology, the Moderna vaccine can be stored at -20 degrees for up to six months and stored in a regular refrigerator for up to 30 days.

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