Argentina tightened the curfew on Covid-19 and closed schools in Buenos Aires again

Buenos Aires. – Government Argentina On Wednesday, it tightened the curfew in the Buenos Aires Capital District (AMBA), set up by the capital and its neighboring towns, and trading will be banned between 8:00 pm and 6:00 am due to an increase in cases. Covid-19.

In addition, among other measures, from next Monday to April 30th, the default method will be returned to the three levels of education classes.

“Progress pandemic Asking us for more, “the president said, Alberto FernandezHe said in a recorded message.

AMBA is the most important region in terms of infection Corona VirusFernandez asked the authorities in each region to “examine and implement” the measure.

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The President confirmed that they intend to “secure two things”.

“Do not stop the vaccination process and the health system is not saturated,” Fernandez said, adding that more vaccines will arrive in Argentina on Sunday, at a time when the available doses in the country are running out.

There are no indoor social activities due to Covid-19

All commercial activities in AMBA must take place between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM, which is the afternoon time when they should be close to the crowd, and from then on, restaurants and bars will only be able to provide service by way of charging.

Likewise, leisure, social, cultural, sports and religious activities that take place in closed spaces will be suspended.

The President stressed that the provinces and the city of Buenos Aires have the ability to purchase vaccines on their own.

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These measures will replace the measures that were implemented last Friday, which stipulated the ban on trading from midnight until six, as well as the closure of institutions at 23:00.

“What we tried last week was quite a bit, in light of the many things we saw happening over the weekend in AMBA,” said Fernandez.

Cacerolazos in the regions of Buenos Aires

Shortly after the completion of the letter, in different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Casserolazos could be heard as a protest by the citizens.

The Argentine executive has ruled out these additional restrictions after setting a new record for coronavirus infections on Tuesday, with 27,000 infections.

The upward curve has already set four more historic case records last week.

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Likewise, 25,157 other infections were confirmed this Wednesday and 89,000 761 tests were performed, according to the Ministry of Health.

Only in the city of Buenos Aires there were 658 positive cases, and in the province of the same name there were 13,241 new cases.

There were 368 deaths in the past 24 hours, the highest number so far in 2021.

So far, there have been 2 million 604 thousand 157 cases of Covid-19 and 58 thousand 542 deaths since the start of the epidemic.

“Celebrations postponed”

This morning, Argentine Health Minister, Carla Vizotti, asked residents to avoid non-priority activities and minimize social contacts in order to slow the increase in Covid-19 infections and avoid stress on health. System.

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“We need to ask society to avoid any activity that is not our priority. To do the bare minimum,” Vizotti said at a news conference in Buenos Aires, suggesting that you can go to work, take your children to school, and “postpone celebrations” such as birthdays and social gatherings.

Official sources said on Wednesday that Fernandes, who was diagnosed with Covid-19 disease nearly two weeks ago, will resume his “usual activities” on Thursday after he was in good health.

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