Best Tips on how to choose a domain name in 2021

Best Tips on how to choose a domain name in 2021

Choosing a perfect domain name is one of the most crucial steps for your website. A good domain name could help your website to grow and acquire more organic traffic. But a wrong domain name could be a disaster and it is hard to change it later on.

Even if you manage to change it later, you may lose a big part of your domain’s authority and the search engine rankings.

Here in this article, we have talked about the best tips on how to choose a domain name for your website.

Keep it Simple and Short

Easy to type domain name is one of the key element to success. Using multiple words or slang words would make it harder for visitors to find your website. If you choose a long or a complex name for your blog then you might risk misspelling it. Lots of time people will mistype the name and end up landing on a different website.

Look For Keyword Based Domain Name

Try to search for a domain name that includes a keyword that describes your business or blog. 

For example, let’s say you have a travel blog, then the domain name should have the term “travel” in it, like etc…

In short, choose keywords that people search while looking for a service or product you offer.

Keyword-based domains help in search engine rankings and result in more traffic to your website.

Target your Specific Location with Domain name

If your business or blog is meant for the local market, then you can include the location along with your domain name to make it more specific and rank better for that particular location.

For example

Avoid Complex Characters

Try to avoid the numbers and characters in your domain name, as they will create confusion.

Generally, people don’t expect and remember the extra characters or number.

Especially with numbers, there are some confusions associated. For example, if you have a domain name as “”. People who hear the name will get confused if you are using “bestoften” or “bestof10”.

If it is necessary to have a number in your domain name, then consider registering the other variants and redirect all of them on one to secure potential traffic to your website.

Choose Easy to Remember Name

Today, there are more than millions of domains on the web. So, choosing a name that is catchy and easy to remember is a very important tip on how to choose a domain name. Try to share your ideas with your friends to check whether it is appealing and easy to remember. If more than few people find it difficult to remember then you should think over it again.

Relevant Domain Extension (Stick to the .com)

Domain extensions are the suffixes, like .com .net .org etc.. at the end of the website address.

These extensions can have some specific uses, so make sure the one you are choosing is relevant to your website’s nature. 

Generally, the .com domain is a far better choice and the most popular one as well. But sometimes it is hard to find a short name with a .com extension as most of the good names are already taken.

Not to worry, you can then go for your country level domain extensions like .uk .au etc…

However, .com is the best option to target the global audience as well.

Secure Your Brand Name

To secure your brand name, you should purchase the different variants of your domain name, including the misspelled versions as well.

This will reduce the chance of your competitor purchasing similar domain names. This way your customers are directed to your website only, even when they misspell your domain name mistakenly.

Be fast

People who know what is a blog and how to create it, are purchasing domain names very fast and the most unique and shorter ones are already taken. Fortunately, buying a domain is inexpensive. Now you know how to choose a domain name, so don’t wait, just get your desired domain name as early as possible and secure your desired brand name.

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