Better than Galaxy S21 in several ways

Better than Galaxy S21 in several ways

At the beginning of this year Samsung Presented 3 very interesting devices for the high-end market. These aren’t the only terminals you’ll see light inside Galaxy S21 series this year. Rumors and leaks Samsung Galaxy S21 FE They arrive every few days with more and more interesting information. Today we can see one of the points where he will pass Galaxy S21 normal, Battery. We also show you its design in demos and some components that are still in doubt.

The Galaxy S21 FE will have more battery than the Galaxy S21

If there is Drums Important for you you must know that Samsung Galaxy S21 FE It will have a larger cell than the current Galaxy S21. The Galaxy S21 was launched at the start of the year with a 4,000mAh battery and moderate dimensions for the current high-end range.

Today we can know that The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will have a 4,500mAh battery, 500 mAh more than the current base model. Of course, this increase will not only translate into better autonomy, as there are some details that also change and will consume more energy.

The Galaxy S21 FE screen will be 6.4 inches, not 6.2

The battery just won’t get bigger the next day Galaxy Fan Edition. The screen is also growing in relation to the basic model of the series: now it will be 6.4 inches, with FullHD + resolution. This screen configuration is located midway between the 6.2 inches of the Galaxy S21 and the 6.7 inches of the Galaxy S21 +.

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Maintains himself FullHD + resolution They are both models, so it’s a device that wants to reach users who need a bigger screen than the Galaxy S21 and who don’t Curved edge From Galaxy S21 +.

This increased display will also increase the power consumption of the Galaxy S21 FE. That’s why the extra 500 mA can only be translated into a file A slight increase in autonomy.

Both battery and screen leaks seem very reliable so we can start to get an idea of ​​what it is Galaxy S21 FEA bigger variant of Galaxy S21, No flat screen And at a price that’s likely to drop compared to the PVPr of the Galaxy S21 when out of it.


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