Biden’s plan to reform the immigration system

Joe Biden has developed an ambitious bill to modernize the American immigration system. If accepted (it is not won), it will be easier to immigrate to the United States.

“Based on the comprehensive immigration bill introduced by President Joe Biden on the first day of his term” Confirms United States Today.

In Part 1 of the Act, U.S. Proposes a narrow path to citizenship for the majority of the 11 million undocumented immigrants who were on the soil.There is January, Reform suggests several changes in the legal immigration system, Signals CNN.

In terms of words, the word “foreigner” disappears without being replaced by the word “non-citizen” “Reflects the President’s values ​​on immigration”, Refers to an American official. The number of visas issued annually to immigrants under the Diversity Visa Scheme will increase from 55,000 to 80,000.

What are the consequences for couples LGBT And families?

Another important change: The text advises that spouses and minor children should no longer be counted on shares of visas allocated to a given country. This means, Note ABC News In the hopes of a manager, that is

Partnership LGBTQ + Will be treated equally under Immigration and National Law. ”

The To us The Citizenship Act of 2021 advises the repeal of three- and ten-year entry restrictions in the United States for those who previously resided illegally in the country, reducing the process for workers to obtain legal status, and expanding the scope of labor visas for more foreigners to come and work in the United States.

Further, Note Reuters, Family reunification will be expedited for green card holders. The number of immigration judges in the judiciary will be increased.

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Dangers on the horizon

Finally, we have a historic opportunity to enact a bold immigration reform that will not push anyone back, tackle the root causes of immigration and protect our country’s national security. ”Democrat Senator Robert Menendez introduced the bill in Congress.

However, Forbes Anger :

As for its core plans, the bill is unlikely to get enough Republican votes to get 60 The votes required in the Senate to pass in its current form. ”

Further, Underline New York Times, The bill seeks to make the most significant changes in immigration law for more than three decades.The time is coming when the president and members of the Democratic legislature are already in the midst of another major legislative effort : Adoption of a new assistance program to fight the epidemic ”.

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