Binance fees are dropping as BNB rises

Binance fees are dropping as BNB rises

It looks like the honeymoon on Binance Smart Chain with the crypto community isn’t ending anytime soon. That is, while the committees of the main blockchain competitor on the exchange, Ethereum, are not stopping the rally, having reached inflated levels in recent days. Binance commissions are dropping while BNB rises, which is the best possible position for the BSC ecosystem, PancakeSwap also commented on tweet Today:

Binance’s fees keep dropping

For the past few days, a major topic of discussion within the crypto community has been transaction fees. Especially because of the amazing leap they’ve taken inside the Ethereum Blockchain. It leads to exaggerated situations like paying $ 100 in commissions to send in $ 100 transfers.

However, what is a problem for some is an opportunity for others. Well, while Ethereum struggles with the woes generated by commissions on its blockchain, Binance It has seen a decrease in Binance Smart Chain commissions, despite the fact that the price of BNB continues to increase, and with it the use of the Blockchain that the exchange has created.

Binance's commissions decrease while the price of BNB rises.  Source: CoinMarketCap
Binance’s commissions decrease while the price of BNB rises. Source: CoinMarketCap

In this way, unintentionally, the Ethereum Blockchain struggles ended up being the best possible publicity for Binance and the blockchain. This is attracting more and more creators of decentralized applications, in a move that is expected to end up ditching Ethereum as the main blockchain chain in the sector in the medium term. Which apps do you celebrate like PancakeSwap already.

«Binance Smart Chain gas has decreased to 5 Gwei. BNB rises, gas commissions decrease. Brilliant».

Consequently, PancakeSwap comments that Binance Smart Chain’s commissions have decreased to 5 Gwei, equivalent to less than 10 cents, compared to the dozens that must be paid on Ethereum chain. This is at a time when the price for BNB hits $ 384, which indicates that it is possible to increase the number of users without negatively affecting the usability of the blockchain.

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