Buy lettuce at the supermarket and look for … a snake!

Alex White thought he was seeing a huge worm wriggling inside a bag of lettuce he just bought from a Sydney supermarket, until he saw a tongue a snake.

“I was completely frightened when I saw his little tongue sticking out of his mouth and starting to move.”

“I was totally scared when I saw this little tongue sticking out of its mouth and start to move, and I realized it was a snake because worms don’t have a tongue,” White said Thursday.

It was a poisonous pale snake head Who, according to authorities, made an 870-kilometer trip to Sydney from a lettuce packing plant in Toowoomba, Australia.

The supermarket’s refrigerated supply chain likely calmed the snake to sleep until White bought a lettuce from an ALDI supermarket downtown Monday night.

After discovering the animal, White contacted Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES). A snake wizard took her away.

If the snake bites, Wyers White explained, “you have to go to the hospital very quickly.”

ALDI investigates how reptiles got to the supermarket.


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