By paying for his diplomacy in the service of the LGBT people, Joe Biden makes a dangerous bet

«America is backAs Trump heals the wounds of the years, especially with regard to human rights, Joe Biden shouted in his opening speech. When he arrived at the Oval Office on January 20 rather than rushing to sign a series of decrees, LGBT + banned discrimination against those in the workplace and allowed transgender people to return to serve in the military. But its activities do not stop at US borders.

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On February 4, he signed a memorandum of understanding for US agencies around the world to fight laws that discriminate against LPGD + people abroad. He asked that an action plan to promote the rights be submitted to him within six months “Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in the world”.

The Democratic president has created a special “special envoy” function for this issue. This foreign policy will be linked to an increase in the number of refugees persecuted for their sexual orientation and provided by the United States.

Risks of revenge

LGBT activists welcome these announcements. “It clearly shows that this is a political priority for him.”, Says a spokesman for the US NGO Adright Action International.

In doing so, Joe Biden returns to Barack Obama’s theory above all else. The memorandum takes the main lines of the first speech signed by the former Democrat leader in 2011. Both avoided the 2014 Olympics in Sochi at the height of the wave of repression of the LGBT population in Russia.

But even homosexual activists know that this American support is a double-edged sword. “One of the most effective and sustainable ways to discredit LGBTQI + people and our movement is to accuse them of being Western products and a form of colonialism, pointing to the financial support of foreign donors”, “he said. OutRight Action spokesman warns.

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Warning confirmed by Mary-Cecil Naves, Research Director and Editor, IRIS Feminist democracy. “Such diplomacy will backfire and lead to revenge.”, She is cautious. This is the situation in Nigeria, where Barack Obama adopted tough legislation on sexual minorities in 2014 after reducing US aid to Uganda. “The United States cannot make decisions unilaterally. They will have to work with the associations in that area, and Joe Biden knows it well. Thanks for the grassroots action he has chosen ”, Adds the researcher.

Campaign promises

This principle is dangerous, but necessary, says Angeline Escoffrey Tablet, a lecturer in political science at the University of Lyon 2: “Thanks to the network of voluntary charities and especially US funding, the groups have been able to advance their struggle in many countries. They relied on their demands to be met. ”

Human rights, stop building a wall on Mexico’s border and return to the WHO and Paris climate agreement மனித This memo is part of Joe Biden’s campaign promises. “These pro-LGBT measures have a symbolic dimension. They are cheap for the Biden administration because the US public opinion is already overwhelmingly supportive.” Guillo Marche, a professor of American civilization at the University of Paris-Est Gretel, explains.

Western view of homosexuality

Since foreign policy is the defense of the US president, he does not need the support of Congress to take action. In 2019, the Senate blocked a Democratic bill that would add sexual minorities to its list of victims of discrimination governed by the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

But Guillaume Marche recalled that Joe Biden was determined to support a new vote. “This diplomacy is a form of interference with the Western notion of homosexuality.”, He agrees, but Joe Biden’s speech on sexual minorities allows us to reconsider Donald Trump’s diplomacy.

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