Capcom announced the launch of the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles in the West

Capcom announced the launch of the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles in the West
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Western Language Trailer

In a video released this week, Shu TakumiEpic video game director Attorney AceAnnounce it Great Ace Advocate Records It will hit the US and European markets on July 27th. The title has only been available in Japan since its release for Nintendo 3DS In 2015 and later on iOS and Android.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles includes two video games centered around Phoenix Wright’s predecessor, the protagonist of most installments in the franchise. The format, however, remains the same as for the rest of the other games he published Capcom– Players have to go through different scenarios, collect clues, talk to tons of characters and solve puzzles that they must test and defend in court.

The official summary predicts: “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles takes place in the late nineteenth century during the Japanese Meiji period and Victorian England, and Ryunosuke follows Naruhudo as he works to uncover the truth in eyewitness testimonies and clarify your client’s name in court. Players will uncover the mysteries behind ten cases. Thrilling alongside a host of extraordinary characters, including local detective Herlock Shulms.

Addition of Detective Herlock Schulms brings new mechanics to the Ace Attorney franchise (Image: Capcom)

This last character brings with him new gameplay mechanisms to update the formula already known and applied in previous adventures. During investigations, you can join the investigator to discover new possibilities. In trials, there will also be new resources for players to save their customers and prove innocence. Additionally, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles version arriving in the West will have new English voices for those who want it.

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This package includes The Great Ace Advocate: Adventures s Great Ace Advocate 2: A solution I will come to Nintendo SwitchAnd the Playstation 4 And a computer across steam Next July 27. Fans of the saga or users who want to have as complete experience as possible with Saga will be able to purchase the digital package that also includes Phoenix Wright: The Ace Advocate Trilogy On the same platforms. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles released additional downloadable content after the premiere, adding some alternate costumes and short episodes starring many of the game’s characters. All of this content will be included in the July release, along with art and music from the series, and more content that can be seen in the title gallery.

The saga Attorney Ace It contains a total of six major video games and five other derivative titles or minor titles. First, Phoenix Wright: Advocate AceIt was originally released in 2001 for Game Boy AdvanceBut years later it came to a computer and even a file Wei. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy contains the original game and its sequels released in Japan in 2002 and 2004.

Professor Layton Vs.  Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, launched in Japan in 2012 (Image: Capcom)
Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, launched in Japan in 2012 (Image: Capcom)

The first spin-off of the franchise, Investigations Attorney Ace: Miles Edgeworth s Investigations attorney ace 2They suggest that the player leave the position of the defense attorney to place himself in the place of the attorney general. However, in 2012 came the third show of the saga, which is also a crossover. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: ACE’s attorney It combined two of the most popular wit and opponent perks from the Golden Age Nintendo 3DS In a title that has been highly acclaimed by fans and critics.

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With the arrival of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, the Nintendo 3DS is no longer the focus of the company and no new video games have been released in the Ace Attorney series since then. The arrival of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles may bring more news in the not-too-distant future.

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