Carlos Rivera at the XV Years party in Mazatlan and at a fan-themed party

Mexico City. – Carlos Rivera’s photo Loved so much by his fans that he even became the subject of birthday party With cakes, plates, cakes and T-shirts with his image.

Carlos Rivera won 1st place in “La Academia” in 2004. / Photo: Instagram

user Twitter Anna Juarez Embed a TweetIn a post dated April 6, he wrote: “Excellent birthday party with a – CarlosRivera theme. JAJAJAJAJ amooooo “, Rave about the “100 Years Old” singer.

Anna Juarez posted these photos on her Twitter. / Photo: AnaJTello

This admirer is her boyfriend’s girl Cynthia Rodriguez, Host ‘Come joy’, Which in your Twitter profile description contains the following sentence:

Nobody is the same after the war, and in War of Life only the brave #Riverista remembers.

Revista It’s what the followers of Carlos Rivera, who all over the country have formed a fan club, call themselves to talk about what they like in the interpreter, as well as to listen and sing to his songs like I was waiting for you, I am dying, Only you, I will love you, Take my heart back and RememberThe subject he sang in the movie “Coco”, from Disney Pixar, Among other things.

The girl jokingly explained how her mother helped her fulfill her dream on her birthday.

Me: Mom, if you do something for me on my birthday, this is __ CarlosRivera.

Mom: Leave it in my hands to help JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ’s daughter.

This is how Megaphone fulfilled her dream of kissing Carlos Rivera. / Photo: AnaJTello

Carlos Rivera at XV years party?

Across YouTube, Some videos have been released in which Carlos Rivera is allegedly singing at a party Fifteen years old Celebrate in Mazatlan.

In addition, photos of this concert appear on social media, which will be the first thing the singer offers after a year of inactivity. The COVID-19 pandemic.

I’ve been waiting for this party for a year now, just like everyone else. I’ll tell you something, this is my first concert in a year, so imagine the desire that I accumulated, my desires, the desires of my musicians, dancers, and everyone’s desires, ”Rivera heard saying the party goers.

This night will be unforgettable, as it should be, like those nights that can only be lived here in Mazatlan. On the “special” stage, the singer added, “If we want to come, we are coming with impatience.”

Lovers reality show winner Azteca TVAnd “academy”They even joked on social networks about the “little pig” they went to buy to save and hire Carlos Rivera on their events.

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