China is an economic partner, the United States is an ally –

Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva said on Tuesday (February 9) that China was not an alternative to the United States, insisting that Beijing was an economic partner, but Washington a friendly country.

During a hearing in the Portuguese parliament, Santos Silva was asked whether the recent EU-China trade deal would affect Atlantic relations and especially US relations with Lisbon. “Portugal has trading partners all over the world, and China is one of them. China is no substitute for the United States. Our allies are the EU member states, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, the Atlantic Alliance and the Portuguese-speaking countries.” Santos Silva said.

The Portuguese High Commissioner said that the German EU President had signed a trade agreement with China and that Lisbon would continue. Wisdom Do everything to make it successful.

The inquiry was organized at the request of the Socialist Party (PS) Parliamentary Committee, following the 44th meeting of the Standing Bilateral Commission between Portugal and the United States on December 17 via video conference on the contextual changes in US foreign policy. With reactions in the new US President Joe Biden and in Portugal.

Santos Silva explained that Washington is the largest trading partner outside the EU and that Portugal sees a new US administration. “Renewal Opportunity” Bilateral relations. “With the new president, a new path of cooperation in relations with the United States opens, which has developed [ces dernières années]. With Python, yes, there is a major overhaul of foreign policy, multilateralism and the global agenda. “ Did he announce?

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According to Santos Silva, Fido reaffirmed the US commitment to NATO and outlined three priorities for US foreign policy, namely the holding of a climate summit in April this year, with state and government leaders in democracies and the strategy for the Indo-Pacific region.

Santos Silva points out that integration with the US makes the EU-India summit more effective “Absolutely Necessary” Portuguese presidency 27. After Portugal took over as President of the Council of the European Union, the idea was added to Santos Silva, who could act as a hub between the three markets and the regions. “An opportunity not to be missed”.

In an interview with in January, Santos Silva said the renewed EU-India link could balance the camp’s relationship with China. “This is our goal and we are not hiding it. That is why we proposed a high-level meeting with India after the high-level meeting with China.”, Did he announce?

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