Coronavirus disease. “Brazil on the edge of an abyss,” Bolsonaro threatens amid an investigation

Brasilia. Brazilian President, Jair BolsonaroAnd the Its management is controversial pandemic It will be investigated by the Senate, raising the tone, and saying that the country “a A powder kegIt will face “serious problems” with measures to try to stop Covid-19.

Bolsonaro announced Wednesday to a group of followers, an apparent reference to the Senate investigation, which is being promoted by opponents from the left and the right. The truth was upheld by the investigating judge Supreme court.

Brazil is on the edge of a precipice. I am waiting for people to give a signal, ”the president declared, without specifying what kind of signal he was waiting for, and said that the policy of“ closing everything ”puts the country in the face of“ the approaching (social) serious existence. ”) Problems.

The parliamentary investigation, which will begin in about 15 days, will take place in the midst of the worst phase of the epidemic in the country, which has already accumulated nearly 360,000 deaths and 13.6 million infections, and its hospital network is on the verge of collapse.

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The far-right leader repeated his attacks on the Supreme Court and Parliament, which he said were targeting governors and mayors. “Unusual powersAnd he stressed “taking a decision on measures against Covid-19, such as confinement, which breeds hunger and poverty and” kills more than the virus. “

Bolsonaro warned, “I am not threatening anyone, but I believe that we will soon face serious problems,” insisting that “all” society “wants to work,” then indicated: “I do what people want.”

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He also stressed that he does not intend and cannot “interfere” with the parliamentary committee that will investigate the management of the epidemic, but he insisted on the need to investigate governors and mayors, because “some” have formed a “party” that has financial resources they received from the federal government.

The government is seeking vaccines, which Bolsonaro has denied

With this political hype in the background, the government is still in Search for a vaccineWhich in Brazil has so far only reached 14% of the population, although it was mostly the first of the two necessary doses.

Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga announced on Wednesday that Brazil will receive 15.5 million vaccines from Pfizer before June, a laboratory with which Bolsonaro initially refused to negotiate the allegations. Lyonen’s terms In the contract.

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Last year, Bolsonaro denied receiving other vaccines, such as one China CoronavacWhich today accounts for 80% of the dose applied in Brazil that he said could “turn people into a crocodile.”

The Negotiate with Pfizer, In addition to other similar programs, which were finally completed between the end and the beginning of this year, all of which the opposition asserts that it has “delayed” the immunization program in Brazil and is calling for an investigation by the Senate.

Quiroga also reported that the government will negotiate with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to directly obtain medical supplies and sedatives for intubation, which have become scarce as the epidemic accelerates, which in recent weeks has reached more than 4,000. The number of deaths per day in the country.

He also said that 50 trucks were proposed to be imported from Canada to transport oxygen that was in high demand, and that last January it was completely depleted in the Amazonian city of Manaus, where there are dozens of People suffocated In hospitals, which also appears in the Senate investigation.

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The Parliamentary Committee is of particular concern to the government, as it will have powers to hold and investigate ministers and other authorities in a process with high political content, which will happen with the pandemic in full acceleration.

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