COVID-19 in the United States | Less than 40,000 cases in 24 hours, since October

(Washington) For the first time in five months, the United States recorded less than 40,000 Govt-19 cases in 24 hours on Thursday, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

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After nearly 300,000 cases peaked in the 24 hours recorded on January 8, the number of daily infections has returned to its Halloween, Thanksgiving and other holiday periods, which is similar to many trips across the country. Countries and the spread of the virus.

Another encouraging sign in a country completely devastated by the epidemic: the weekly averages for mortality and hospitalization have also clearly declined.

The vaccination campaign, which began in the United States in December, is now in full swing with three approved vaccines: Pfizer / Bioentech Alliance, Moderna and a few days later, Johnson & Johnson, launched the first injection on Tuesday.

And the number of people vaccinated is higher than the number of cases reported in the country since the onset of the epidemic.

In the face of competition from the gospel, a U.S. government is lifting restrictions on the subsequent spread of COVID-19, which largely depends on local authorities.

The announcements came as a shock to US President Joe Biden. He denounced it as a “big mistake” and followed in the footsteps of key federal health officials.

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