Covid-19: The World Health Organization warns of the new peak of the epidemic in Latin America

Although a lot of attention to the epidemic is shifting to India, the World Health Organization (WHO) today warned of Progress Coronavirus disease19 in Latin AmericaMany countries are nearing maximum levels of daily cases, while many vaccines have just not reached.

Outbreaks of the disease in the Andes and Southern Cone

Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay or Guyana It is at the height of a new transmissionPAHO Health Emergencies Director Cerro Ugarte has warned of a significant increase in infections, and its health services are saturated.

At the same time, “Injuries in Colombia may reach record levels soon in JanuaryAnd intensive care units and hospitals are reaching the limit in cities like Bogota or Medellin, ”added this expert from the US branch of the World Health Organization.

The Peruvian expert added, in a press conference with the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, that since the beginning of 2021 it has been registered in Latin America. The incidence of COVID-19 increases in younger age groups, to the point where the lack of vaccines forces them to prioritize the elderly and health workers.

The outlook is very worrying for Latin America“Our countries are on many battlefields, where there is a challenge to get more vaccines in the context of a massive economic crisis and pressures on the health system,” Ugarte said.

The Deputy Director of Emergencies at the Pan American Health Organization, Sylvan Al-Dejiri, added that one of the factors behind the progress of the epidemic in the region was the easing of preventive measures in recent months, in conjunction with periods of large holidays such as Christmas, carnivals, or holy week. .

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So, “The most important thing now is the strict implementation of public health and social measuresThis expert said, referring to the use of masks and the maintenance of personal distance in public places or not crowded places.

30 million cases, nearly half of them in Brazil

Latin America has recorded about 30 million cases in the pandemic Coronavirus disease– 19 and more than 900,000 deaths due to disease, With Brazil as the most affected country in the region, with 14 million injuries and nearly 400,000 deaths.

Brazilian Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroga, today participated in the press conference of the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to emphasize that his country’s government is primarily working to accelerate the vaccination campaign, with the aim of ensuring that all Brazilians are vaccinated before. End of year.

Kiruga stressed that the country managed to administer up to 1.7 million anti-virus vaccines within a few days, although “there is still a lot to do” since the challenge to achieve the end-of-year target is to reach 2.4 million per day.

CEO Tedros added that despite the high numbers of injuries and deaths, In the past four weeks, Brazil has achieved a decrease in new casesHospital stays and deaths, highlighting that countries such as Spain and Portugal have supported him with donations of medical equipment.

With regard to vaccination in Latin America, Ugarte noted that although the region has received around 7.3 million doses of donations from the COVAX platform (regulated by the World Health Organization), the needs in the region are still very large because “many countries do not She can sign bilateral agreements with pharmaceutical companies.

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“Some of them are looking desperately for mechanisms to achieve vaccines, but the availability of doses in the current context is not great” and hindered by problems such as the large increase in cases in India (one of the main producers of doses), the expert noted.

It was also mentioned The countries with the largest increase in cases in Latin America are the ones that should receive priority in donating vaccines.


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