Detention center for minor immigrants reopened by Biden administration

The infrastructure, which opened a few weeks ago in 2019 under the Trump era, has been brought back into service with the aim of accommodating 700 minors between the ages of 13 and 17. “This is not about children being kept in cages,” the White House said.

The Center for Minor Immigration recently reopened in Texas under the leadership of the Biden administration, provoking the wrath of a select few Democrats, including Deputy Alexandria Oaxacio-Cortez, exposing our American colleagues Washington Post Tuesday, February 23rd.

Texas Infrastructure, which opened a month ago in the summer of 2019 under the Trump era, has been brought back into service with the goal of accommodating 700 minors aged 13 to 17. The number of unsupported immigrants has exploded in recent weeks, leading to a total of 5,700 arrests at the border in January 2021. According to the Biden administration, the existing facilities are almost full, with Govt-19 epidemic and imposed restraining gestures.

«Contrary to what Biden promised»

These camps are considered by their opponents. “Cages for children“This recent reopening has provoked outrage from human rights defenders.”This is unnecessary, expensive, and completely contrary to what President Biden promised.», Reaction Washington Post Linda Brammiller, a lawyer who specializes in immigration law representing underprivileged minors. “It was a throw, a big throw. Amnesty International America Reacting further, “A federal agency is not a parent. Children need a home (…) and should not be held for more than 72 hours in this type of establishmentThe move was criticized by Alexandria Ocazio-Cortez, a leading Democratic leftist, who wrote on Twitter:This is not acceptable, it has never been, it will never be – whatever the administration or political party.»

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The Joe Biden government justifies its reopening due to the Govt-19 epidemic, which has halved the reception capabilities of small immigrant organizations. The White House, through its spokeswoman Jen Zaki, said in a statement: “Temporarily reopens during infections. It is not our intention to copy the anti-immigration policies of the previous administration – to close it (End) This institution, but we want to make sure that we follow anti-Govt protocols (…) not put a baby in every bed.“. And hammer:”These are not caged children (…) and we are not going to deport children who cross the border.»

A few dozen immigrants have already been transferred to the facility, which is located in Garriso Springs, Texas. According to Jen Saki, “The purpose is to allow these unsupported children to be transferred to host familiesDuring his presidential campaign, Joe Biden vowed to defeat some of Donald Trump’s anti – immigration policies, and a number of decrees have been signed, including a decision.Muslim ban.

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