Distrust: The Democrats’ plan to counter the Kafm campaign in the United States

How to prevent the mobilization of technical cadres against the bill of no confidence? Of course by dividing it into 10 texts. This is the strategy of David Ceciline, chairman of the House of Representatives’ no-confidence motion.

Weapons are sharpened before the hopeless war that comes in the Atlantic Ocean. Democrat David Cecil, who chairs the House of Commons’ House of Representatives, believes Kafam has found a way out of the campaign’s strike force. Instead of a big text, he plans to come up with at least 10 small hopeless bills to deal with the monopolies of the big tech companies. Press Axios.

For him, it was a never-ending question “Forces” Excellent and distinctive of Kafam’s enthusiastic representatives “Target”. Conversely, series texts have two advantages. First, it would allow Democrats and Republicans to agree on more subjects. This will slow down the pace of mobilizing coffee to deal with hopeless reforms.

Technology companies prefer “Prevent any change in the current ecosystem”

“Given these technology companies’ campaign efforts and the way they are recruited for the money they are investing in Washington, this is done to prevent any change in the current ecosystem, which greatly benefits them.”, Said David Cecil Axios.

By 2020, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft (last year in the United States, the unreliable Cofam “m”) actually spent .0 61.09 million In campaigns (-1.8% compared to 2019), including 20 million for Facebook alone.

The new bills are expected to be finalized in May 2021. They should also include recommendationsInvestigation In 450 pages published in the fall of 2020 after 16 months of work. The document alleges that Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon use unequal monopolies in the digital marketplace.

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