DroneX Pro Worth it or Not? : Detailed Guide

DroneX Pro Worth it or Not? : Detailed Guide

If you are looking to buy DroneX Pro then we are here discussing about how DroneX Pro worth it to buy and what are the technical specifications of it so let’s get started.

I hope you’ll agree with me when I’ll say:

In the forthcoming 6-7 years, the usage of drones in every field will register a multifarious growth.

There are countless positive reasons to use drones such as quality aerial imaging, security, precision, readily deployable, versatile and much more.

Keeping these aside, this gave way to a lot of manufacturers like Drone X pro, DJ Mavic, Hubson and a handful of other companies to step up their arena and bring out some of the best drones in the market.

But if you’re looking for a drone that can click marvelous images from high sky, compact size, easy adjustments, and affordable cost then don’t let anyone stop you from buying this drone as this drone is just perfect for you.

Things you should know about Drone X Pro

If you’re an enthusiastic photographer, cinematographer or love drone racing, drone light show then this is the one you should go for. You might be wondering what is so special in this drone. Right? Well, you can check the features of Drone X pro.

Drone X can smoothly capture high-quality images and videos from the high sky without delay at any moment. It will help you to lower the cost of any project and expand productivity. The best part about the Drone X that I loved the most is, it can fly in inaccessible and hazardous areas to get your work done. Isn’t it amazing?

Along with all these, Drone X pro will deliver you the real-time records that will definitely help you in surveying accuracy. Drone X is quite fast and efficient enough to complete scrutiny under 15 minutes. That’s really fast.

Another good point about Drone X pro is, the brand producers have a quite good reputation for manufacturing high-quality drones, and they have not let any customers down with this new Drone X Pro. 

Drone X Pro operates better than its forerunner, and it has an abundance of features that make it one of the best drones compared to others in the market.

Now that we have the whole thing out of the path, let us have a look at the topic of discussion we have on our hands. Today, we will be looking at the features of Drone X Pro which is available in the market for my valuable readers.

Features Of Drone X Pro

  • Durability

The main reason for buying the Drone X Pro for myself is the durability. Last week accidentally my Drone X Pro crashed but you’ll not believe it’s still working marvelously. But most of the drones die after a single crash but not with this one. The main reason is, it comes with a collapsible propeller and it simply means it is very robust for the long run. The tough and sturdy design makes it stand out from the competition. When I first bought this drone, I was really amazed by its resilience

  • Stability

Speaking of the stability, the drone x pro comes with advanced stabilization algorithm that helps the drone each and every time in landing, flight and even in ranking off. Talking about the turbulent condition, at that time you don’t have to worry much because this drone can easily maintain its route at that time. It simply means that you don’t have to study each and every skill to control the drone.

The best part instability that I loved the most is the altitude hold mode that makes it one of the helpful and unique features where it will help you to rove, which will help your drone sustain its persistent height and right position. You will have an increased probability of having timed and easy shots. 

  • Flight Time

After buying this drone, I did a detailed comparison of my Drone X Pro and my previous drone. After testing both for 6-7 hours I have noticed that Drone X pro has decent flight time compared to my previous drone as well as other drones in the market. This will definitely help you in recording lengthy videos from higher areas without any interruptions that will satisfy your filming needs.

  • Camera

It’s obvious that when we hear the name drone that very first thing that comes in our mind is the high sky photoshoot. Fortunately, Drone X Pro comes with 2 MP of onboard High-Definition cameras that can record super high-quality videos and click amazing photos. Apart from that, it features 720p of outstanding resolution. With the help of this Drone x Pro, you can easily click a wider angle photo about 1200. Apart from that, it comes with a panoramic mode that will assist you to take more than 3600 photos in just one click.

  • Foldable Design

Compared to other drones in the market, this drone X pro comes with completely unique and amazing foldable design. Dron X pro comes with a collapsible joint that is positioned in the middle of the frames that grabs the entire body as well as its propellers. This amazing feature will allow you to fold the drone in your small bag as well as in your pocket when you are not using it.

  • Portable

No one loves the heavy or bigger gadget let it be headphones, laptops, mobile or any other gadget. When it comes to drones then I can blindly say that Drone X pro is very lightweight, handy as well as portable. It’s obvious that we all love to carry our drone along with us while traveling so that we can shoot amazing videos or click nice images. In that case, this drone X pro is the perfect travel companion.

All you have to do is just fold it, you can carry it along with you wherever and whenever you want as it gets fit easily at your palm. It is a very convenient gadget that you can use and carry wherever you want.

  • Control Options

I have seen many drones in the market that come with cheap/low-quality controls that don’t satisfy the user’s needs. But not it’s not the same with Drone X pro. After using it for 2 months I am writing this review article. This drone comes with universal control options. It means that you can control it with any device like your smartphone along with this you will be also provided with the drone controller from the manufacturer. 

If you want to control your drone via smartphones then let me tell you it’s very convenient and easy. While controlling drone via smartphone you’ll be notified with a real-time FPV feed with the help of this you can easily find where your drone is exactly flying.

  • Control

The last and one of the most favorite features of most of the Drone X pro users. Talking about the control, Not only you almost every person hunts for a drone that is easy to control especially while landing. The major stress that makes all of the drone owners worried is the damaging part while landing them in the land. But with this drone, you don’t have to worry about improper landing.

The drone x pro has the ability to detect when it forfeits its connection. So while landing it produces a slow speed at the time it gets landed effectively.

What You Will Get With The Box of DroneX Pro? 

The customer will get different accessories along with the DroneX Pro box when they are purchasing it.

So here we are listing all the accessories which the customer will get with the box.

  • The customer will get extra 4 blades with the box. In case if your drone will crash anywhere or your blade damanged anyhow then you can replace it with the new one.
  • The customer will get storage beg as well to store DroneX Pro, it will easy carry when you are travel outside.
  • DroneX Pro comes with the screwdriver which will be useful to replace the blades or propellers
  • The customer will get USB cable with it and user manual guide.
  • A Battery (7V Capacity) 

DroneX Pro Specifications

  • 2.4GHz, and it features Wi-Fi FPV is used in Drone X Pro for better performance
  • Drone X Pro comes with 3.7V 500mAh Lipo battery for both indoors and outdoors
  • It comes with micro SD card slot and charging time is around 50-60 mins
  • It also comes with Gyroscope that has 6-axis and flying time between 7-10 mins
  • DroneX Pro comes with stable control options in a areas of about 60m-90m
  • The drone comes with about 50 m distance for clear FPV
  • DroneX Pro comes only in the black color
  • DroneX Pro comes with 2MP 720P HD with final result of wide-angle 1000+
  • DroneX Pro can deliver images somewhat around 0.3 mp
  • It comes with LED lights that makes it unique
  • The Drone app is supported in both iPhone as well as in Android.
  • 27×19.5x5cm is the size of quadcopter and 12.5×7.5x5cm when blades folded
  • 17.5x16x7cm is the final package size, and 360gm is the package weight.

Customer Reviews

  • I was looking for a drone which comes with the all features and mainly wide angle shoot but on market I have checked many drones but that are costly but I got this Beast. Thank you for Suggesting DroneX Pro – Rechard Johnson
  • There are many of drones company in the market, Even I have tried many of drones from the market but I’m so satisfied with this product. Awesome! – Brian Dean


There is a main reason the Drone X pro has become one of the well known drones in the market because it has a lot of mind blowing features. Even though it has an affordable price point, it can absolutely be warranted with what all features you are getting. It is one of the most well-made drones that is available in the market and it comes with one of the best warranties. If you are a starter and looking for a drone device that can satisfy basic drone needs, then this Dronex Pro is a great option. So what are you waiting for? Check the official Website and order today.

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