Due to supervision, 12 people from the Bogotá family were infected with the covid-19 virus and three of them died

Coronavirus has claimed the lives of 3 out of 12 members of the same family (Noticias Caracol).

Three months into the start of 2021, Elvis Parra, a native of Bogotá, had to see within days how he lost his mother and two siblings in the battle against COVID-19.

The case brought together members of a family in the Colombian capital, Noticias Caracol He explained how Elvis had to say goodbye to his loved ones after their death in the intensive care unit of a respiratory illness..

According to Elvis, the Coronavirus began to infect twelve members of his family, The first of them was his brother, Kenneth BarraThe 46-year-old faced the infection thinking it was a simple flu, so he didn’t pay enough attention to the health problem.

Elvis said that for four days after his acute respiratory symptoms, his brother stayed at home trying to recover by injecting himself or inhaling eucalyptus.

However, on the fifth day of illness, due to a high temperature of nearly 40 ° C, Kenneth was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) to avoid drowning.

Coincidentally, the same day Kenneth was taken and intubated at Fontibon Hospital in western Bogotá, His mother also contracted the Covid-19 virus.

The illness was a huge blow to her mother, who was tube inserted at the Proinfo Clinic in Kennedy. At that moment, the physical and mental weakness began to announce that the worst was yet to come.

As his brother and mother improved, the likelihood of many Barra family members and others close to them increased after they shared a few 11 ounces.

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It was like this Elvis’s father definitely ended up infectedBecause he slept next to his mother in the bed they shared together. However, the 74-year-old did not need to be transported, in principle, to a medical center because he had kept his recovery from home in protective isolation.

Elvis’s sister, Luz Parra, was among the victims of the massive infection. It appears that she inhaled the virus after visiting her brother Kenneth and had a snack with him at their home. is called, She was already injured and had to be hospitalized.

Sadly, days after Luz was hospitalized, her brother Kenneth and her mother lost their lives, causing her grief into mandatory isolation as her health deteriorated further and further. The weight of this news was not easy for Luz, who died days later.

Faced with the worst moment of his life, Elvis spent 10 days visiting his 74-year-old father, who is now in the ICU and prayed to help his father not faint in a battle with his respiratory illnesses.

Elvis told Noticias Caracol that the most difficult thing about this entire battle was that there was no time to bid farewell to his loved ones, because everything happened so suddenly and there was no way to finally say goodbye in life. The man is grateful to be alive even though he realizes that due to a slight omission, fate seized the opportunity to share it with those close to him..

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