E3 2021: Bethesda joins the action with a big surprise | Video games | SPORTS-PLAY

E3 2021: Bethesda joins the action with a big surprise |  Video games |  SPORTS-PLAY

The E3 2021 It will not be canceled due to Coronavirus. ESA, the organizing company, will share the online lectures. For now, the PlayStation is still a long way off, but Nintendo and Microsoft have announced their engagement.

For more than two decades, E3 has been the # 1 place to showcase the best the video game industry has to offer, while bringing the world together through games. We are turning E3 this year into a more inclusive event, but we still look to excite audiences with the important revelations and in-house opportunities that make this event the centerpiece of video games.Stanley Pierre Lewis, CEO of the European Space Agency explained.

Nintendo will present us with a typical pre-recorded Nintendo DirectX with all of its ads, but other companies will have a live presentation, Microsoft, for example.

However, the expectation was in Bethesda. The last company was bought by Microsoft but it will continue to release games for other consoles (not just the Xbox Series X). Well, it’s been confirmed that it will share the space with Microsoft.

They will participate in the same broadcast but will be separate conferences; This was confirmed by the journalist Jeff Group. He specified that there would be a “demarcation” between the content of one company and another to show that it was operating independently.

E3 2021: Bethesda also joined the event with a big surprise. (take photo)

Will E3 2021 have a paid online event?

Big business for organizers E3 2021, ESA, is to rent out face-to-face spaces to different developer companies to share their new games. However, this has changed over the years as some companies decide to become independent.

PlayStation, for example, was one of those who decided not to participate in the event and had its own broadcast via Twitch. On the other hand, the Coronavirus has forced the cancellation of the 2020 event and it appears that there is no solution for 2021.

For now, the European Space Agency has announced that there will be an online event between 15-17 June. Several companies joined the initiative, while others decided to stay on the sidelines.

Due to rumors about whether it was going to be a paid event online, they had to share a statement on their social networks. “There will be no items in E3 2021 behind the Unpaid Subscription Banning System. “

Of course, this is an exception. The European Space Agency announced that it is already working on renewing Los Angeles E3 licenses for the years 2022 and 2023 at the convention center.

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