Eat free due to a system error and imprisoned

Eat free due to a system error and imprisoned

Endless food deliveries at no charge. This wasn’t an upgrade, rather, it was a system bug. Young man from China Find out this bug that allowed you to get lists Free At Kentucky Fried Chicken, he showed the command to his friends to do the same and set up a company to resell these orders: They all ended up in jail.

The citizen, surnamed Shaw, is 23 years old and a university student. In April 2018, local newspaper The Paper reported, the person in question purchased the KFC coupon and used it on the chain’s app to order fried chicken. At that point, he realized he could request a refund of the voucher on the official account of the restaurant hosted on the WeChat social network, a Chinese app. That way, he used the coupons to receive food and had the ability to keep them, without losing them, to place other orders with them.

As decided by the Shanghai court, Xu resold these coupons on the web and also taught the “trick” to four colleagues from the university: They also took advantage of the software bug. Xu used his method from April to September of that year, costing 58,000 yuan – about $ 9,000 at the official exchange rate on May 15 – for all deliveries. Between him and his friends, they caused a loss to Yum China Holdings Inc. , Which operates all KFC stores in the Asian country, is given 200,000 yuan, or roughly $ 31,000.

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The local Global Times newspaper revealed that the Zohui County People’s Court sentenced the student to two and a half years in prison in May for committing fraud and using “criminal methods.” In addition, the convict will have to pay a fine of 6,000 yuan, about $ 932.

As for their colleagues, they were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 15 months to two years on the same charges. They will also have to pay between 1,000 ($ 155) and 4,000 yuan ($ 621). The newspaper quoted the court as saying, “With their full knowledge of this ruling, the convicts deliberately carried out false operations and illegally profited from them, which constitutes a fraud crime.”

On Chinese social media, it has become a hot topic of discussion. Some users believed that the penalties the justice offered were too severe for a non-criminal act.

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