Elizabeth II resumes her obligations after the death of Philip Edinburgh

Just four days later The death of her husband Philip Edinburgh, The Queen Isabel He has resumed his agenda for a very special event held in the palace. The 94-year-old monarch is back in action William Bell Retirement CeremonyOh Lord Chamberlain for fourteen years. The person responsible for organizing some of the most important appointments of Isabelle II had already announced his intention to do so He left the job last springAlthough the pandemic has delayed finding a replacement. He was now preparing for the Duke’s funeral, a process known as the Fourth Bridge, before handing over responsibilities to his successor.

Elizabeth II remembers the words she gave to her husband on an important date: “She was my strength and my support.”

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The ceremony was held at Windsor Castle, where the Queen accepted her right hand to return the emblem and other symbol that represented her. As reported by British media such as daily Mail, This decision to continue his agenda clarifies Elizabeth II’s great commitment to her duties to the Crown, Which is something Prince Andrew also pointed out when commenting that his mother was dealing with her husband’s death with stoicism. Over the weekend it was announced Mourning for the royal family will last for two weeks, And that only obligations that meet appropriate conditions will be implemented.

Farewell to the Duke of Edinburgh will be in Windsor and without a state funeral

Last February, it was announced that the Queen had finally chosen the new Lord Chamberlain, who would be Andrew Parker, 58-year-old Baron Parker de Minsmeer. A man the Queen has already met, with a career behind her back 37 years old in British intelligence, MI5, after being General Manager from 2013 to last year and was awarded the Military Bath Medal in 2019.

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It was also announced that Lord Parker would join the part-time non-executive position on April 1, which consisted of overseeing the actions of the royal family, as well as It acts as a channel of communication between the Queen and the House of Lords. For his part, Bill’s initial intention was to retire at the end of 2020, but he admitted to staying a few more months because the epidemic delayed the process of finding a replacement. His new retirement date was March 31, just two months before he reached his fifteenth birthday in the Queen’s service, but it appears to have finally been postponed for a few more days.

The Duties of Lord Chamberlain

Lord Chamberlain responsible of Organize the elements in the Elizabeth II program Provided that it is ceremonial or public, from garden parties to state visits, as well as royal weddings or the inauguration of Parliament. What’s more, Preserves the royal stables It organizes honorary shows that are held twice a year. All this with a salary 102,600 euros per year, Almost.

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