Elon Musk Blames Tesla’s Fatal Accident – El Financiero

Elon Musk Blames Tesla’s Fatal Accident – El Financiero

Elon Musk Shifting the blame for the fatal accident involving a Tesla Model S, when he tweeted Monday that data obtained by the company indicated that the car did not have technology Autopilot At the time of the accident.

Retrieved data “so far” showed this Autopilot has not been activated The CEO said the car owner had not purchased the “fully autonomous” option to improve its functionality. Tesla shares rose in extended trading.

Musk’s comment appears to answer a key question about a plane crash near Houston on Saturday that set a car on fire, killing passengers. Local police said that “no one” was driving the car, and the deceased passengers were found in the front passenger seat and in the back seat. The fact that no one was driving caused the car Speculation about whether the autopilot function was activated and used incorrectly. Tesla said the system, which is mainly used on road trips, is not a substitute for drivers and requires “active driver supervision.”

The response came after the federal regulators will start An investigation into the accident. The news pushed Tesla shares down 6.5 percent on Monday before closing 3.4 percent lower at $ 714.63, and the stock was up 1.9 percent after normal trading.

Musk also commented that the accident occurred in A. A road without clear lane lines, Which is essential for the automatic steering function to function properly. “The standard autopilot would require operating a lane, which this street would not have been,” he wrote.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that it has participated in about 28 investigations into the Tesla accident. This latest accident is being investigated in cooperation with the National Transportation Safety Board.

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