Elon Musk poaching Jeff Bezos after Blue Origin protested against a million-dollar space contract awarded to SpaceX

Elon Musk poaching Jeff Bezos after Blue Origin protested against a million-dollar space contract awarded to SpaceX


April 27, 2021 23:13 GMT

The two men were competing to participate in an ambitious NASA project to create a spacecraft that would transport astronauts to the moon in the next few years.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, mocked Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space company after she filed a Protest As per NASA’s decision to choose SpaceX as the implementer of the $ 2.9 billion contract To create a moon landing system with astronauts.

Elon Musk was the only winner in the competition, despite the fact that it was initially expected that NASA would select two of the three candidates to build the Landing System (HLS). Jeff Bezos described the award as “weak” and “high risk” in a lawsuit filed with the US Audit Office (GAO).

After the protest, Musk responded briefly tweet Mockery of his opponent. “It cannot be lifted (To orbit) hahaha, “he wrote in a virtual play of words referring to the fact that Blue Origin has yet to put any satellite or astronaut into orbit. Although the phrase” cannot be lifted “is often used to denote erectile dysfunction.

In a more serious statement, Musk explained Q Washington Post ”The Blue Origin offer was quite pricey“It was twice as high as SpaceX, and SpaceX has much more progress in hardware.”

In addition, the SpaceX director made some recommendations to Jeff Bezos, who is supposedly “angry” about it. “I think he needs to run Blue Origin full time for it to succeed. Honestly, I hope he does.”

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For its part, NASA confirmed that the selection was based on an evaluation of three main factors: technical, administrative and price capacity, detailing that SpaceX won “by a wide margin”. However, there is still a possibility that new recommendations will be issued after the accounting firm reviews the claims.

Artemis program that aims to Accommodation The perpetual human presence both on the surface and in lunar orbit was launched during Donald Trump’s tenure. Astronauts were expected to set foot on the moon again in 2024, but the Biden administration says the date is under review. On the other hand, of the $ 3.4 billion required for the program in 2021, Congress has approved only 850 million.

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