Epic Games claims Apple is deliberately locking customers into its “ ecosystem ” and names one of the main services assigned to it.

Epic Games claims Apple is deliberately locking customers into its “ ecosystem ” and names one of the main services assigned to it.


April 10, 2021 23:37 GMT

The two companies are currently in a legal dispute in US courts.

Apple is not planning to develop an iMessage version for Android as that would give the company more problems than benefits. A) Yes Come From an article in The Verge, he cites court documents filed by Epic Games, a video game company that filed a lawsuit against Apple over monopolistic practices.

The plaintiff, who claims that Apple’s app store operating rules violate U.S. antitrust laws, claims that the tech company is trying to block users in its “ ecosystem, ” making some popular services exclusive like iMessage.

Specifically, this is evidenced by numerous statements and emails from Apple employees, including some high-profile executives cited by Epic Games, including Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President, Internet Services and Software; Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President, Software Engineering, and Paul Schiller, Former Director of Global Marketing for Apple Products.

An example of these messages is a leaked email from an anonymous former Apple employee sent to Schiller, which states: [razón] It’s hard to leave the Apple universe app iMessage, […] Amounts to a dangerous mass. This led to a senior manager responding that “developing iMessage on Android will bring us more problems than advantages.” Likewise, Federighi said at one point that the emergence of iMessage on Android “would simply remove the hurdle” so families with iPhones could purchase Android devices For their children.

According to other data cited by Epic Games, Apple decided in 2013 not to develop a version of iMessage for Android, although Eddy Cue admitted that Apple “could have done that”.

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Legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple

Epic Games, developer of ‘Fortnite’, last August Start up Legal action against Apple to require his account to be reinstated in the tech giant’s developer program, which was denied due to alleged violations when introducing an alternative payment method into its iOS apps.

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