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A small step for women, a big step for equality?

Democrat MPs Doris Matsui and Rosa Delaro introduced the Coles Bill earlier this week (Give level pay to our athletes, Give our athletes equal pay in VF) This guarantees the players of the American national team “Fair and Equal Pay” Compared to the men’s national team. According to Doris Matsui, the bill is also intentional “Block funding for the 2026 World Cup” , Jointly organized by the United States, Canada and Mexico. “Stars like Megan Robino, Alex Morgan and Carly Lloyd are household names, but their hard work has brought many World Cups to our country, including the last. , Explained the City Councilor of California Communication.

With both choices currently in the midst of a legal battle, women can count on the support of President Joe Biden, who, when he was elected last May, said American football could end. “Looking for funding elsewhere for the World Cup” If equal pay is not respected. But before coming to the Oval Office, the bill must convince not only the House of Representatives but also the Senate.

The path is long and winding.

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