Extensive stimulus package accepted by Biden by the House of Representatives

This is a decisive first step before it is considered in the Senate. After hours of debate, the US House of Representatives on Saturday, February 27, thanked the Democrats for the $ 1,900 billion ((1,573 billion) broad stimulus package that Joe Biden wanted.

The time has come to support the world’s largest economy, which has been hit hard by the Govt-19 epidemic. The new Democratic president initially wanted to see him “American Recovery Program” Adopted in early February. Faced with the delay, he urged Congress this week “Move fast”.

The bill was passed by 219 votes to 212 on the same day, against 212 (including two Democrats), with Republicans condemning the most costly and poorly targeted measures. “Text approved”, Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, after 2 p.m., applauded her committee.

The text will be sent to the Senate next week, where the move to increase the minimum income – up to $ 15 per hour, by 2025 – should be withdrawn. Hopefully, the Democrats will recognize their small majority in the upper house.

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The final version of the speech will then be returned to the House of Representatives, where Democrat leaders said on Friday that there were enough votes for the incentive plan, which should be adopted with or without a minimum wage increase. “We have to approve this project before March 14.”, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer warned when it stopped offering lasting unemployment benefits in the previous aid program.

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“After a year of infection and the economic crisis, Americans need to know that their government is working for them. As President Biden put it:” Help is coming. “, Started Nancy Pelosi before voting.

On the contrary, Republicans do not condemn the Titanic project “Rather than throwing money down the drain”. “But will it help people get back to work?” No “, Kevin McCarthy, the accused Republican minority leader. “Democrats are ashamed to waste money unrelated to Govt in this speech, they pass it at midnight.”, He continued.

This is the unknown number of Congressmen who mocked the progress of this massive project on Thursday evening. Elizabeth McDonough, defender of the Senate’s complex procedures, ruled that the minimum hourly wage increase mentioned in the bill could not be included in the speech.

Some progressives, if angry, call for the verdict to be violated உறுப்பினர் Member of Parliament, Elected officer, Joe Biden announced that it was Thursday evening “Respectable”. When the federal government announces that it is trying to advance the minimum wage increase separately, it is currently 25 7.25 per hour. A path was expected Friday evening by Congress Democrat leaders. “In the eyes of all of us, it is inevitable that the minimum wage will reach $ 15.”, Stressed Nancy Pelosi in the hemisphere, promising to work there “Active”.

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In detail, the Biden program provides billions of dollars to speed up vaccination and deploy trials, but also helps $ 130 billion to reopen schools and high schools despite the epidemic. 4 New assistance checks in the amount of 1,400 are expected to be sent to Americans depending on their income level, and unemployment benefit payments are extended until September 30, 2021.

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