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The clips “You Belong with Me”, “Love Story” and “The Best Day” represented several moments in the lives of their followers (including this journalist) after their success in 2009.

What were you doing 12 years ago? If they say that there are certain moments that are remembered by the songs that accompanied us in that moment, and then It’s easy for Taylor Swift fans to know where we were in 2009The year in which his album fearless She gained strength all over the world, with successes like you belong with meAnd fifteenAnd White horse And what is unforgettable love story.

You downloaded it for me IPod Nano Rosa And it was part of my favorites Listen in the morning on the way to the officeAlthough, I admit, not all of the songs captured me.

After more than a decade now Listen to Spotify The remake of the same album was re-recorded by Taylor Swift who is now 31 years oldIn an attempt by the artist to regain the rights to her first song and her previous recording, Large machine recordsSold to a businessman Brown Scooter.

Portada de ‘Fearless’ (Taylor’s version).

His new album Frightened (Taylor version), Posted at Midnight Friday April 9, also includes Six new songs composed by Taylor at the time, But they were not released with the album he called for Of the Vault (de la boveda).

One of the first such new songs to be released this week was Mr totally fineAs for This is when She invited Keith Urban (Nicole Kidman’s husband) to sing along with her. This is the first of a total of six re-registrations Taylor plans to make her previous albums, including Red, Speak Now, and Reputation, this time being the legal owner of the material.

Magic 13

Why launch it only today? Taylor usually chooses his release dates which together add up to 13, his lucky number. Today is April 9th ​​(month 4) and results are 9 + 4 on 13. In his first concerts he would draw this figure on his right hand, well, Her mom, Andrea, drew it for her and even after that she made it up too For your presentations.

In an interview with Los Angeles TimesTaylor indicated fearless How “An album full of magic, curiosity, the bliss and destruction of youth. It was an adventure and exploration magazine A teenage girl was taking small lessons With each new crack in the façade of the fairy tale ending that was shown to him in the films. “

Although it wasn’t her debut album, it was the album that propelled her to world fame and Awarded his first Grammy for Record of the YearThus, she became the youngest artist (20 years) to win this award, even though she was Billie Eilish surpassed him, Who received the award at the age of 19 in 2019.

In 2021, Taylor celebrates this victory again when folklore Won the record of the year At the last Grammy Gala and joined the Confession also got his album in 2015 1989.

Adults and Peace

Away from Fears and scandals pressure young Taylor Swift 2009 (like the humiliation he endured when Kanye West stepped onto the stage and snatched the microphone off him In the middle of speaking thanks after winning an MTV Video Music award for a video you belong with me), Today the artist claims that he feels an adult at peaceAnd Relief, who writes songs from imagination to avoid any drama.

However, some things will never change. “2009 was also the year I lost my father, Even today the song best day It still excites me deeply. “

In it, Taylor He recounts several moments with his mother From his childhood to his thirteenth birthday and How much it means to her your company and your protection, As he faces various changes in his life (I don’t know who to talk to in school now, but I do know I’m laughing on the way home with you in the car).

Like a father’s love for his daughter Some songs will accompany us forever.

Now I know why all trees change in the fall

I know you were by my side even when I was wrong

And I love you for giving me your eye color

To stay behind and see me shine

And I didn’t know if you knew, so I take this opportunity to say

It was today I had the best day with you.

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