Figurine skating coach suspended in US

John Zimmerman, the former coach of French skater Morgan Tsipras, who was accused of sending pornographic photos to a minor in the United States in late 2017 – has been suspended by an independent American organization dedicated to the fight against violence in sport.

The 47-year-old former skater has been suspended for “process abuse”, “bad emotional behavior” and “failure to report”, according to a safe game result released Tuesday on its site. SafeSport did not specify the duration of the suspension, but according to the US daily USA Today, it is two years.

Tsipros, who was crowned European champion in 2019 in pairs with Vanessa James, announced his retirement from the sport last September and is suspected of sending two pornographic photos in December 2017 to a young skater aged thirteen. Florida, where he has been training since the summer of 2016.

According to USA Today, Who revealed the case in December 2019, also accused his coaches John Zimmerman and his wife Sylvia Fontana of pressuring the teenager to remain silent.

Permission is “not final yet” and Zimmerman is likely to appeal, according to Saffsport. In fact, the coach has ten days to ask for a referee, which is provided by the texts, which will be conducted by referees for James, a private company that specializes in alternative dispute resolution, a spokesman for SafeSport said.

No decision against Cyprus or Fontana was released on Wednesday in the organization’s disciplinary database.

Lawyer Andrea Lewis, Sylvia Fontana and fellow coach of John Zimmerman, who were allegedly victims of Morgan Tsipras, have also been convicted, the AFP was told. Upon contact, SafeSport declined to comment.

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Last December, an arrest warrant was issued against Tsipras in Florida, according to the victim’s attorney. According to Andrea Lewis, the report was sent to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security so that Morgan Tsipras could be arrested if he went to the U.S. border.

When asked by the AFP, a Homeland Security spokesman said no trace of the file had been found within the DHS.

In July 2020, the former French skater was released by the disciplinary authority of the French Ice Sports Federation (FFSG).

Prior to becoming coach, Zimmermann won the 2002 World Bronze Medal with Kyoko Ina.

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