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In the United States, the Biden administration has been working to revive the country’s economy, particularly relying on housing assistance, provided in the framework of the broader recovery plan voted on on March 10th.

In the United States, support checks for needy families, one of the measures in the U.S. economy’s stimulus package voted on March 10, have finally been sent. Malivai Rasabimandimbi, 24, who lives in Maryland with his parents, is delighted to have been transferred from the U.S. Treasury. “I got 4 1,400, I’m so happy to see this money come in and allow me to create my budget for the future.”, He says. Nearly 280 million Americans, including children, receive this assistance, which is provided to all individuals earning a total of up to ,500 5,500 per month.

For many it is a lifeline. A Colorado family received nearly, 7,000. The mother had to sell her wedding ring, and the couple mortgaged their house to keep their business afloat. Among other things, this stimulus program is one of the largest in U.S. history, with a budget of nearly $ 2 trillion. Joe Biden’s celebration of his two months at the White House did not fail to turn into a shocking formula: “Money in hand vaccine injections and pockets.”

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