Finland is ready to launch its first wooden satellite into space

Finland is ready to launch its first wooden satellite into space

Finnish space companies Arctic Astronautics and Huld, in partnership with UPM, are preparing for The launch of the first wooden satellite in the worldWISA Woodsatt will be in Earth orbit by the end of 2021.

This nanoscale satellite weighs one kilogram, is cube shaped and has a side extension of 10 centimeters. It will be sent into space this fall From the Mahia Peninsula launch complex in New Zealand, on board the US space company Rocket Lab’s electron rocket.

The device orbits the Earth at an altitude of between 500 and 550 kmAchieving a full orbit every hour and a half.

It will be WISA Woodsatt’s job Collect data on the behavior and durability of wood Plywood for a long time in extreme temperatures, vacuum and radiation in space to assess the use of wood materials in space structures.

Satellite manufacturing continuesWhile it is expected that the necessary tests to transport it in the missile will continue.

“We are proud to provide access to orbit With this pioneering mission we are excited to see teams like UPM, Arctic Astronautics and Huld push the boundaries, ”said Lars Hoffman, vice president of global launch services at Rocket Lab. RT.

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